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Itlandm's Sims

Oct. 5th, 2013 06:29 pm Another shade of green

And now for something slightly different. Teenager Magnus Itland moved into the sleepy little town of Twinbrooks at much the same time as a newlywed pixie couple moved into another, slightly larger, home in the same town. His high school and early college years were uneventful, until one night he was abducted by an ufo. And soon...

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Sep. 25th, 2013 09:54 pm Sims 3: Fertile fairies (part 1)

This is how our family starts. I built them a practical house and got them started on the garden, for which pixies have a natural talent. The happy couple themselves get started on the rest. Toys and wings seems like the way to go. Be fruitful and multiply!
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Mar. 20th, 2013 10:17 pm Sims 3: University: Strategic skilling

This is a big change from The Sims 2. There, skilling and studying were separate, and you had to raise your skill to a certain level before you could proceed with your studying. In The Sims 3, skilling is possibly the most powerful form of studying. This means it is no longer such a great idea to max your skills before you enroll at Uni. If you have low skills relevant to your major, you can take double or even triple course loads (12 or even 18 points) and max them all by skilling. Of course, you should still attend most of your classes and all of your exams.

It helps to have some way to maintain fun while you skill. I have the MultiTab (500 points in the store) and it is awesome, not just for rapid fun boost but for skilling as well. There is also the crazy drink from the mixology skill, if you have Late Night. And of course some skills are fun to raise, like painting or logic.

If you have maxed your skills before enrolling, you get some study credit so you can finish your degree faster, but it is harder to get top grades. Still, you can always read textbooks, study on your smartphone and work with your major's special item. But skilling while at Uni is definitely a two-for-one deal now.


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Mar. 13th, 2013 11:28 pm Baby madness update

Turns out there was a second dad churning out babies. No wonder the neighbourhood was getting unstable! All boys this time too - I suspect they may be clones of the father. This time I expelled the whole family from the neighbourhood. 100 boys is quite enough. They already have less chance of getting a wife than a one-armed Chinese.


I managed to slice off 6 brothers from the original mega-family though: a young adult moved in with Lena and brought with him two teens, two school boys and a toddler. I sent the young adult to University the next day. He did well enough, despite not having any relevant skills. Not sure I will try to put all the 75-100 brothers through eight semesters each! Tempting as it may seem now that the game is new...

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Mar. 12th, 2013 06:57 pm The Home of a Hundred Boys

So there was after all a bug in University Life that was not caught by either Awesomemod nor NRaas. Or perhaps it was a bug in one of them, although I doubt it. This looks like the kind of thing that would slip by the Maxis testers:

I first noticed this when there were like four birthdays with the same last name on the same day. I zoomed to the house and this is what I found. In the background the husband, giving birth. He did this twice a day, it seemed, because there were six babies (3 days of age span). It seems that every time he has given birth to a boy, he goes into labor again. All the boys have the same skin color and hair color. I sent him off to the hospital and during my not-self-sim's next stay on campus, I forgot the whole thing. Much later, I discovered that the neighborhood was becoming unstable. By now the first babies were becoming adults. And the guy was still popping out new babies. (I don't even have male pregnancy enabled, so how this happened is beyond me.) I deleted him, and went on with my life. NRaas Overwatch brought him back, and I did not notice for a few more babies.

Not one to say no to a good challenge, I decided to make this house playable. I saved the game first, just in case. Only the last 8 children show on the sidebar. The adults needed jobs (a couple of them joined the culinary career because my sim needed coworkers, the rest just stood around.) The kids need to get to school. I built more doors and stairs, but unfortunately I cannot build more schools...

"Asylum" does not begin to cover it. Within minutes half of the family had peed themselves. Then they began to fall asleep on their feet, too tired to eat. They were also too hungry to go to bed. The social worker showed up eventually to take all the children away, but she could not get in. By the time it became obvious that everyone was going to die (including the social worker), I mercifully exited and reloaded the savegame. Somehow they survive when no one is looking...


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Mar. 11th, 2013 08:22 pm Sims 3 got smartphones!

I forgot to mention, starting with Sims 3 University, your sims' trusty cellphone has been upgraded to a smartphone. You can surf the Internet, which gives a small positive moodlet for 6 hours. After doing this a few times, the new Social Networking skill is unlocked. You can also read skill books to rapidly increase this skill.


Improving the social networking skill unlocks new apps, including the ability to blog from your smartphone!  Wonder why anyone would do that?  ^_^


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Mar. 9th, 2013 04:22 pm University! For Sims 3!

University was my favorite expansion for Sims 2, so I am making an exception and buying it at full price and almost as soon as it's out. Actually I am downloading it now, but it takes its sweet time so I am watching the YouTube "Let's play" by TheQuxxn, she is so much fun to listen to chatting, she's like "OMG that's so freaking cute!" I had forgotten how much fun it can be to listen to young adults. Well, I'll soon be able to surround my sekf-sim with young adults at least. Unless the servers break down before I finish downloading.


Will report from Sims 3 University later, probably. But from watching TheQuxxn playing, it may actually be better than the original.

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Jun. 20th, 2009 01:02 pm Sims 3: ...in a strange land, part 2

The Sim adventures of Magnus Itland as a young adult.Collapse )

Next time: Midlife crisis? Magnus grows up to a not-young-anymore adult.

(Also, what happened to the pictures? I looked at them from two other computers and they were so dark and blurry, people were like shadows in the night. So I went back and added a 40% gamma correction to most of them. Now they look good on the old computer here but too bright and colors distorted on the new monitor. So which is it? *confused*)

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Jun. 17th, 2009 07:11 pm Sims 3: ...In a strange land

The Sim adventures of Magnus Itland as a teen.Collapse )

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