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Meanwhile in Sims 2...

"Mutant virus curfew! All shops and community lots are closed for the year. No parties are allowed."
That's a direct quote from the "Near Future Disaster Jar" page for my Micropolis Sims 2 Prosperity challenge. Little did I know that this would actually happen in the real-world Near Future. Micropolis is still my best work, no doubt about it. Unfortunately my surviving backup is from quite a bit before the last pages. And of course Sims 2 is a thing of the past now... Or rather it was, until a few weeks ago.

It is actually counterproductive for Prosperity Challenges, but Sims 2 has a Story Progression now, in the tradition of NRAAS and MCCC. Lazy Duchess has made a mod, currently in open beta but working remarkably well. It has less features (for now) but covers all the essentials and then some. Here's the Tumblr page inviting to it: and here is a demonstration of it by the seasoned Sims 2 player Pleasant Sims on YouTube:

So I returned to Sims 2, installed the mod, and loaded a new neighborhood with only 1 playable sim in it. I created a University and created two new students, one to play myself and one for the mod to play. One thing I noticed was that townie teens are automatically sent to college, but they were all sent to the dorm where I was not playing at the time. So the mod thoughtfully takes care of them by itself.

There is a bug I don't remember from before, although I won't swear it is not caused by another mod. If I save the dorm while playing, then when I exit to the neighborhood, the game is not saved. That includes the temporary saves I made while playing. So it is better to save by exiting and answering yes to saving then. On the bright side, if my dorm freezes (which it occasionally did before the mod too) I can just exit and save, play another household a few minutes, and when I come back the mod performs a soft reset on playable sims which gets the game going again. So that was an unexpected benefit.
UPDATE: I seem to have a problem with saving in a dorm I made myself some years ago, while standard dorms work fine.

And it was such a great dorm too! The students certainly seemed to love it.

Maybe one day I will find out how to fix this, and the mod itself is in constant improvement and may fix it on its own. But for now, I just enjoy the nostalgia of playing Sims 2 again. Listening to the old melodies and remembering scenes from my happy days as an angel in Micropolis makes me just a little misty-eyed. But these are new times. Sims 2.0, so to speak. We got software angels now, helping our sims find jobs and make babies.
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