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Dormitory diversity and unexpected chances

No, she is not on fire. That's Flamebert the Phoenix familiar, he is always on fire. ("Burning curiosity" he calls it.) Nope, the smokey effect is from a Dark Magic spells. Unlike her mother, who only ever uses White Magic, Liisa discovered as a teen that she could use Dark Magic - more exactly the Destruction branch - to suppress sadness, anger or discomfort. She doesn't use any of the Dark spells to cause problems for others, just to help herself, so surely this makes the world a better place overall? In this case, she pulled a muscle while training, and her mother is not around to fix her up. So a little bit of Darkness it is. She'll turn it off when the pain is gone.
(Don't try this at home, kids. This is a work of fiction.)

And now for something presumably different:

A striking difference from Sims 3 is that when you move to college, those left behind become townies who live, age and die like any other townie. They do retain friendship levels with you and may pop in to visit you, or call and invite you, but your fates are only loosely intertwined from now on. I guess that is realistic, alas, except for the part where each semester equals the time from end of toddlerhood to beginning of teenage, or that unless you take a heavy course load your parents are likely retired or dead when you graduate. OK, Real Life is moving in that direction, but most of us have a long way left.

Yes, that's deceptively adult-cute, but your magic is leaking you know. And maybe wear something less... remarkable on your first day?

Liisa enrolled at University of Britechester, Ubrite for short, to study Drama. Why? Well, fame was already sneaking up on her, and what better way to hide her excessive magical power than in plain sight? Now, those who might have trouble with magic can write it off as just a well-performed act.

Arriving at Darkwing House, she was surprised to see the place had only one bedroom, albeit with two beds. Only later did she (and I) discover the stairs to the second floor, where there is another larger but less furnished bedroom, also with two beds. The first floor is fully furnished and looks a lot like a middle class home, except the lack of separate bedrooms.

First things first: The dining / living room has an open fireplace that needs to be fireproofed. Having accidentally maxed her handiness skill at home, Liisa sets out to do it herself. Sure she can put out fires with her magic, but she's going to be in class a lot, and is also on the college soccer team, so she can't always be there for them. (There is an Empowerment spell to protect sims from fire, but it wears off after a while.)

Liisa's roomie is Karin Pettersen. That's a typical Norwegian name (the Danish would be Pedersen, and I think Swedish would be Pérsson?) The picture is taken in the TV room, because of course there is a TV room. I always ignore to buy my Sims a TV because I always ignore to buy myself a TV. When does anyone have time for that?

This is upstairs housemate Rolf Kristoffersen, another Norwegian (or Dane, I believe it is the same there). Are we seeing a pattern yet?

And here is the fourth household member, Shanaya Venkataraman. She looks properly Aryan, I guess, but she is also the only member of the household that doesn't have a more or less tropical skin tone. I guess EA were serious when they promised more "diversity" in the game...
(In reality, the explanation is almost certainly that I installed my latest expansion with Norwegian user interface, which also translates American names to Norwegian. America has a lot more people with colorful skin than Norway, at least for now.)

With triple courseload, there is a lot of classes and a lot of homework. At least here she doesn't have two mothers chatting to her while she tries to study. It's not like they could have helped her with this homework anyway.

I was a bit surprised when her Acting skill didn't increase while doing homework, classes or presentation. Turns out both of the two first-year classes are in Charisma, which she maxed as a child, what with the aforementioned mothers talking with her more or less day and night, plus guests. One guest in particular.

Her mothers may have forgotten her (or "given her space") but not this vampire guy who has visited pretty much every night since she was a toddler (but never bitten anyone). Caleb Vatore seems to have taken a couple days to find out where she had moved, but since then he has been a daily (or nightly) guest. Don't try this at home, guys. These days it is called "stalking", or when she was younger, "grooming". She doesn't seem to mind though.

What are you doing now Liisa?
"Just blessing the food."
Well, it could certainly need it. The roomies will happily carry food around in their backpack all day and only bring it out when they are hungry, at which point it may already be spoiled. Luckily both Realm Magic and Creation Sorcery have fixes for this. (In Realm Magic, you just cast a new Delicatio spell on top of the spoiled food, and it will renew it instead of summoning some other random food. Nice if you happen to prefer the food that is already there.)

Finishing up the term paper for the Selvadorian Culture elective. Because you still can't major in Latinx studies, but of course our incarnation of supernatural diversity has to have some toehold in that camp too. Actually she maxed her Selvadorian Culture skill less than halfway through the semester. Maybe she'll get to use that in her acting?

And then....

On Thursday of the first semester, she gets headhunted for a level 5 job in the acting career, due to her (tiny) fame and spotless reputation. I believe that's around the same level you get hired at with a complete Drama education. So clearly (?) this is a sign from fate: Drop out of college and pursue your dreams! She can always come back later if she needs to. She doesn't have enough money for a full house, but a small lot with a single room or two should be enough until she becomes rich and famous.

Well, that was an unexpected development! But the next entry, if any, should give us a glimpse into career I am not familiar with.
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