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Teenhood's end

A rare case of Sims 4 reflecting 2020: Social distancing, health-consciousness and people being lost in their smartphones.
Luckily sorcerers can dispell disease as well. Would have been extremely useful to have in Real Life, but then again: If we had sorcery in Real Life we would probably not be sitting here playing The Sims...

If you wonder what the elder scrolls are up to when their girl is at school, this is pretty much it. It's like they are tied tigether with an inivisble elastic. You can pull them a few yards apart, but if you let go of them, they will inevitably bounce together again. The only thing that can come between them is their baby, Liisa. When she's not there, this is what happens.

When at home, Liisa is improving her Realm Magic skills by reading more of ther mother's magic tome collection. You can see she has leveled up because now the tomes will float while she studies them. Good thing too, those things are heavier than an old iPad.

To improve her Deification skill, Liisa meditates on the mysteries of the universe at least once a day, usually twice. The outfit was supposed to scream "superhero", but I am not sure a high-tech suit is the best for a mystical hero.

I hate to show the game interface, but let's for a moment step back and just stare in horror at how hideously, massively overpowered Liisa has become at the end of high school. High level Deification has allowed her to lock most of her need bars at max, and the only reason to make an exception for hunger and hygiene is that she can fill those using Realm Spells. Not that she needs the practice, since she already has 5 talent points she hasn't used yet. (Because of the Bloodline system, Realm Magic spellcasters accumulate points faster for each generation up to the 4th.)
"Came to Logic level 6" is included because even without using the super fast skilling that is the final buff from Deification, supertoddler and Tiny Living make for an awkwardly fast leveling.
"Liisa's empowerment level is fading" is one of the redeeming features of the Sorcery system: You need to use a spell from every branch of specialization once a day or on the second day your specialization in that branch starts to fade. I haven't tested whether this applies even when the household is not played.
And no, Kari, we are not going to replace our regular butt joke feature with a bust joke. This is not The Sims bustin' out, y'know. (I am old enough to remember that game! It kind of flopped though, I think.)

It is time for Liisa to grow up! And none too early, because she has pretty much surpassed both of her parents at this point. If this were Sims 3, she would grow to her adult form now instead of when she was 13, and get a lot of new hilariously mismatched clothes. But this is Sims "let's make every little thing into a separate pack" 4, and they haven't made a Teen pack yet. At this point, I guess they never will. Well, that's all spilled milk under the bridge. Hoorray for Liisa!

"No longer am I just my mother's daughter! I am magic and sorcery incarnate! Now and forever I am..."
"Not you, Flamebert."

(For those who don't recognize my parody of one of the most iconic quotes from Marvel comics, the moment when Chris Claremont introduced the Strong Female Protagonist into a traditionally male-oriented medium, some friendly lawbreaker has put it up on Tumblr: CLICK HERE)

Not so easy to mistake for her mother now, is she?

And now for our weekly butt joke. Let's go to the gym and look at Liisa in her gym wear.
Flamebert: "YOU SHALL NOT PASS!"
Well, I guess that feature has passed its best before date, anyway, if it ever had one.

Next time, if any: College or Armageddon? Probably college.
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