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Teens, minions and magic naps

As a birthday gift from her mom, Liisa got her own familiar, a phoenix. (When you look for magic tomes in the Realm library, there is a chance of finding a familiar-orb instead. But don't tell Liisa.) Kari seems a bit worried about her daughter. Actually she should be less worried with a familiar around, because they can absorb fatal blows like when a spellcaster draws too much magic and catches fire. Supposedly they can also absorb fatal shocks from repairing equipment etc, but I have never tried that.

Annika had the good sense to put her old tomes in the bookshelf after she had memorized them, so Liisa gets a running start by studying. Unfortunately you can only study tomes at your own level or below, but studying will also work toward raising your level. (This is Realm magic, not sorcery, which does not use tomes at all, you just work with the spells you have until you get new ones automagically.)

Much as she'd love to work with magic and sorcery all day, Liisa still needs to do her homework. And Kari is encouraging her to finish it. I am sure Liisa will be grateful for that. One day. Perhaps.

If bread is the first necessity of life, meditation is a close second. Liisa joins her mother to sneak in an hour of meditation before going to school the next morning. (Deification meditation is one of the very few ways to raise your Deification skill, but it also causes all the needs to decay more slowly for some hours afterwards, which should come in handy during a long school day.)

We don't get to follow Liisa to high school (although I am sure there is a mod for that too, somewhere) but we get to meet the high school boys who follow her home. Which is not very surprising if she dresses like that for school. Anyway, this is Max Villareal. He seems cute enough and is active like her, so he might make a good minion. Yes, sorcerers can have minions! Basically it means once you have minionized them, you can order them around to some degree, or summon them. There are already ways to invite and influence people, so it is basically just flavor, I think?

Anyway, Gideon came home with her too, but I don't have the screenshot I took. The boy had grown up to one of the most bland and forgettable sims I have seen in any of the four games, and evidently even though I took a screenshot, even I forgot to save it. Perhaps later.

Liisa has a peculiar habit of looking really angry when casting Realm magic spells. She can cast Sorcery spells without making this face, but every time she does something with Realm magic, instead of the usual "concentration" face, she gets this "I'm gonna murder you to death" face. It is particularly creepy during duels. Not exactly what I was hoping for in the most powerful Sim I've played in this game. Not that I was any better at her age, but I also couldn't set things on fire by waving my arms, or make the opposite sex follow me home from school and boss them around. OK, maybe that was because I never tried.

We've had magic, we've had butts, and with the second generation it is time for magical butts! You know your butt is magical when it leaks magic even in your sleep!

(Liisa has the Dance Machine like her mom, and they have the hilariously overpowerful "Disco Nap" which lets Liisa go from barely awake to fully rested in a couple hours. Even without magic or sorcery, Dance Machine sims can do the impossible!)

(Also also, I just recently noticed that Liisa always naps facing the wall, while Annika always naps facing the room. I have no idea what decides this, but it is not the bed: I had Annika nap in Liisa's bed once and she still faced the opposite direction.)

I'll try to get Liisa to grow up next time, if any. Should she grow a bit more hair or do you like to see her elf ears?
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