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What color will teen Liisa be?

Approaching puberty, Liisa has discovered her first spell and challenged her mom to a friendly duel. But she is much too early, and the battle is short. Victory goes to the elder Scrolls! (Yes, I named the family only for that joke. That's just the kind of guy I am.)

In time she should become more powerful than Annika though, not just because she has both of her parents' magic, but also because the Realm bloodlines get stronger with each generation for a while.

After her victory, Annika tries to teach Liisa better control of her magic. But Liisa is still a child, and soon wanders off. Oh well, she'll be back when she gets older. The question is how much older she will need to be.

With her birthday coming up, Liisa also has to finish leveling up her childhood skills. The dancing mostly took care of the motor skills. (Is it just us Scandinavians who think that sounds like something only car mechanics and such folks need?) The social skill was maxed one of the first couple days, because everyone in the house is compulsively talkative, just like normal humans. They will talk while playing, talk while working, talk while eating, and even talk while talking to someone else. Of course her mom is talking to her while she's trying to improve her arithmetic skills. How do normies ever get anything done with all the talking?

While playing with her superheroine doll, Liisa suddenly has a deeply disturbing revelation: With great power comes great responsibility! And if she is going to become more powerful than both of her mothers combined, does that mean she will also have to be more responsible? That does not sound like much fun at all!
Well, that's still a while off. And if you can finish your studies without running off to flirt and kiss with another girl, that would go a long way.

It is birthday time! What skintone will she have this time? Will she look like her mother or her mother?

I don't think the skin color will be the problem here. Rather, she seems to have inherited Kari's hair and solid body, and BOTH of her parents' boobs. Holy cow, as they say in the USA. That was some serious front bumpers. And the outfit doesn't exactly help. I am not sure magic will be enough to fix this. But at least now she'll have the most important qualification for becoming a superheroine, American style.

I found some outfits that don't look like she has two live piglets stuck to her chest, so that's something. And she seems happy to finally start her magic training in earnest. She has years of training ahead, and she can't neglect her school homework either, and chasing off slack-jawed admiring boys probably.

Speaking of which, we'll round off today's report with another look at Kari's butt. Where did all the delicious jiggly fat go?
"Hey, I worked my ass off for this ass! Literally."
Well, it probably help to be able to enchant your treadmill so you can run as long as you want without getting tired. Still, burning off other people's fat is certainly one of the best uses of magic I have seen so far.

Who will become the main character of this story, if any? Liisa, teen superhero in training, or Kari's buttocks? The only way to find out is to play more.
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