itlandm_sims (itlandm_sims) wrote,

Another magical day

Kari, of all people, got herself a job. Having healed sims and plants and generally tried making the world a better place, plus being an overall positive person, Kari now has a perfect positive reputation. As a result, an acquaintance called her and offered her a job as a style influencer. They even threw in a brand new computer, a digital sketchbook and a wall board for gathering notes and pictures. And most importantly, she can work from home. Well, sometimes the work requires her to go visit some specific type of business briefly, but mostly she can just write her fashion blog at home and get money and even more fame. Despite occasional doubts about having sold out to The Man, she is mostly fine with it.

Meanwhile Annika keeps experimenting at the cauldron, trying to find new recipes that way. This turns out to be horribly difficult. She does improve her magic power by doing this, but the success rate of actually learning something is fairly low. Seems like she has to bite into the sour apple and learn from spellbooks and fellow mages after all. So on Sunday, they go on a family outing to the Magic Realm! Annika has learned the second-to-highest spell, which lets her teleport to the Realm with anyone she chooses nearby.

Just act cute and play dumb and the guys will do anything you ask. It's like magic! (Although in all fairness, this really is pretty difficult. Potion recipies aside, I believe the final spell in each branch of Realm-Magic can only be learned from the Sages. She already knew all the rest of the spells.)

"Is that a magic helmet? Does it give +1 to Intelligence?" Liisa went to browse the library, but got distracted quickly, as one would expect.

Kari meanwhile has used the time to practice and mastered the final branch of White Magic: Empowerment. With this, she got the power to transfer fat or muscle to or from herself. So she absorbed Simeon's midlife bulge, no doubt built up through years in front of the computer with chips and beer. (Simeon is a verified computer geek and one of the regulars at the nerd-con for those who have City Living.) Looks like we'll soon have a trip to the gym again. That was a bit more fat than it looked like. Anyway, if he now dies on us, it must be fate.

Before they go home, Kari tests out her new spell of super fast skill gain and learns a few levels of mixology so she can make some "juice" for her family. Frankly, even compared to Tiny Living bonus, that spell is embarrassingly overpowered. I don't see it being used much, at least not on herself.

I just have to get a picture of this while it lasts. Fat and trashy, it doesn't get better than this.

Next time, if any: What color will Liisa be when she grows up? Place your bets!

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