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Some more magic, some more Liisa

Since everyone else can cast spells, Liisa also tries to practice while mom is sleeping. But it seems that unlike all other skills, learning magic is not boosted by tiny living or perfect toddlerhood. Liisa tries for a while, then gives up ... for now.

From then on, the parents try to do their practice while Liisa is at school. It's not like either of them have a day job or anything. With tiny homes come tiny bills, which can be paid by fixing up furniture from the dumpster and selling it. Even if it is old and doesn't sell for much, it's still 100% profit. And food is free: From the dumpster, from the wall garden, and from Annika's new Grand Delicioso spell.

The training pays off with the new Transportalate spell. With "Always transportalate" on, she will teleport whenever she is going somewhere more than a couple meters/yards away. And each time counts as magical training, so from now on she should level up much faster. She still needs to practice to learn new spells and potions though, unless she gets one of the magical teachers to show her, or find a spellbook to study. (Of course, Kari has been teleporting since they came here, so it was about time. Unfortunately it doesn't count as training for sorcerers.)

Liisa was bored out of her skull after a long school day so she immediately took a walk. But there were no kids to see anywhere. And then suddenly - POOF! - she's at home! Her mother teleported her.
"Hey! Have you ever heard about consent? Bodily autonomy? Habeas corpus? The declaration of simian rights?"
"I am your mother! More importantly, we couldn't find you anywhere! You've gone since the morning! Anyway, we're going to the gym, want to tag along?"
"Why didn't you say that from the start?"

Liisa has the Energetic trait, so she loves working out can do it for hours before she gets tired. Kari has (of course) a spell to cure exercise weariness, but she's unlikely to get to use it on her daughter. The girl could run till she falls asleep.

Kari has summoned the spirit of Llamadeus. This is part of the deification branch and probably counts as training, but Llamadeus appears (after a while) as a pretty normal ghost, chatting normally with people (although the sorcerer can ask her a couple set questions and get vague responses). Llamadeus is evidently an important person for sorcerers, functioning as their guru. It is unclear what she is supposed to be apart from that: A goddes? Demigoddess? Avatar? Example? Llamadeus ex machina? Anyway, Liisa doesn't treat her any different from all the other weird people who come and go here, several of which have magic powers. Maybe it is time for her to hang out more with normal kids.

Yes, this looks like a good future minion. Just act normal. Children are pretty scarce around here, and that probably won't change as long as I send Kari to reset old folks to their first day of elderhood whenever I see them passing by. But I've seen at least three, so that should help, if I manage to get her to meet them all. For some reason they tend to show up while she's at school, so I've started having her mother run out to befriend them. We need to get in touch with them somehow or the girl will grow up entirely surrounded by mages, vampires, ghosts and adults. What a fate.

I really just wanted to show off the "Become A Sorcerer" mod, which is as good as some smaller game packs. But these characters keep growing on me as I get to know them.

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