itlandm_sims (itlandm_sims) wrote,

Magic, sorcery and salad

Just walk straight into the glowing portal. Your creator commands you! Well, more like demiurge really. Or at least higher-dimensional guiding spirit. I have a particular task in mind for you that Annika can't do.

Yes, that's the one. You think he could take care of this himself, being such an expert on magic and all. But he has a tendency to die shortly after he reaches elder life stage. You know, there's a potion or two to prevent that, but he never does.

"Prolong Life" is a White Sorcery spell, for some reason in the Creation branch. (It should have been in Empowerment, thematically, since it helps other people). It works by resetting the target to the beginning of their current age. Bizarrely, reducing them to the previous age is a Dark Sorcery spell. I guess that makes sense if you use it on a young adult or below, but it seems a bit weird that the only way to make an old sim young again is to first trouble a lot of people with negative moods and stuff.

Meanwhile, Annika has been studying and practicing diligently. (It may help that she no longer has to check on toddler constantly.) Here she is cleansing her own curse. No more looking like She-Hulk! (Actually I kind of liked She-Hulk back when I used to buy Marvel Comics. But I can see how it would scare the neighbors. Even more than her usual color does, I mean.)

Kari found this dresser in the dumpster, but it looks pretty damaged. Time to show off the Mass Repair spell! (No relation to our friend Mass Ulveskaret from the previous machine. Good thing he didn't need repair!)
Unfortunately there was no effect. Guess fire damage does not count as "broken" in this magic system.
Don't worry though, Annika's Repairio spell can fix it. I've seen that one fix fire damage before.
It is kind of nice how these two different types of magic only partly overlap, and often fill out each other's weaknesses. Of course, Liisa has both, so she should be able to become some sort of super-witch when she grows up.

For now, Liisa seems more interested in becoming a dance machine like her mother. Although very cautiously as long as the room is full of random people who come knocking on the door on a Saturday afternoon. In what country is that normal??

And another thing she picked up from Annika seems to be making salads. (Thanks to Zulf's "kids can..." mods, a number of skills are now available for kids, as is good and proper. I don't know if children are forbidden from using a kitchen knife in California, but here in Norway it is perfectly normal for children to use both knives and hammers from an early age.)

Liisa is a Girl Genius and learns skills even faster than her mothers. Maybe it is time to give her some magical training. I mean, what could possibly go wrong?

To be continued, if all goes well!
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