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More magic and a birthday

Kari Holmerak Scrolls continues to meditate on the mysteries of the universe, in order to progress in her Deification. This branch of the White Arts is probably named after the Socratic tradition that "the one who needs the least is closest to the Divine", for the immediate effect after a meditation session is a moodlet that slows down the decay of the need bars. At the highest levels, you may even lock them in place, eliminating worldly needs entirely, if you so desire. You can do this for each need, if for instance you still would like to eat.

Annika also tries to practice her very different branch of magic. She visits the Realm of Magic occasionally to pick up a magical tome, and when she has time, she can be found practicing Practical and Untamed magic. While Untamed magic has some attack spells, there are also a few useful ones. Not so for the Mischief spells, so she avoids them entirely.

Don't say it wasn't worth it: Now she can clean anything, no matter how dirty, with a flashy spell. Scruberoo even works on people.

Of course, their practices tend to take a back seat to relentless flirting if I look away for a minute.
"We were going to clean up here, but then we got distracted."
I don't know what's less realistic: Spellcasting witches, flying toddlers, or a toddler's parents being crazy in love.

Oh for the love of Llamadeus! Don't blame me if you get distracted and mistake crushed scarab beetles for powdered dragon claw.

Let me guess: You got distracted and the potion backfired, giving you a curse. By the way, the effect comes and goes randomly until you find a way to dispel it.
"You are still beautiful to me, sweetheart."

Despite all shenanigans with spells and toddler flying around, they survive the week and Liisa grows up with a perfect toddler score.

A little older and a little... darker? Is it just me or does she look a lot more like Annika now? (When Annika isn't green, I mean.) Not that there is anything wrong with that, but I hope we can still tell them apart when she's grown up. But that's still a very long way off! I guess there will be more updates... Light willing.

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