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Magic, sorcery and a toddler

There's a new family in Willow Creek:

From right to left: Kari Holmerak, Sorceress (Triplis' mod). Annika Scrolls, Spellcaster (Realm of Magic). And their daughter Liisa, who is both.

(In the mod, max-level White Sorcery actually has a final spell that allows the sorceress to create life inside herself or others. In this case, since we just started out, I used the magic of Create-a-Sim.)

Their home is small and somewhat sparsely furnished, but the large dumpster outside bears promise of future treasures.

With Eco Living, dumpster diving lets you find various useful items including furniture. Dumpsters on your own lot will only fill up if you prime them by throwing stuff in them occasionally, like dirty dishes. Presumably the neighbors check if it is in use and then throw their garbage in there while you're not looking, just like mine do in Real Life. And I only have a normal trashcan.

The wall section to the right is a Murphy bed in disguise. It is a great way to increase your handiness skill, although later patches has toned down the craziness of breaking and murdering sims. It still happens though.

At 64 tiles, the house is considered a tiny home and since I have the Tiny Living pack, there's buffs to skill gain, comfort and and duration of positive moodlets. Doesn't look that tiny to me, but if they have more babies, then it would run full pretty quickly. Well, that won't happen by accident at least. Oh, and I threw in 3 different lot traits for faster learning: Homey, Peace and Quiet, and Study Spot (from the Discover University expansion).

Kari is a Freegan, a trait that appeared first in Eco Living. Freegans show all their middle fingers to the capitalist consumer culture, and love free stuff. They will dumpster dive on their own, looking for food , ingredients and treasures like furniture, and get a positive moodlet both from the diving and from eating "rescued" food. This goes very well with the White Sorcery, which has a starting spell to improve the quality of food. So if you have enough garbage, you could feed a family with a Freegan sorcerer. White Sorcery also has a starting spell to evolve plants faster, in case you prefer to grow your own ingredients.

Sorcery begins to manifest already in toddlerhood in the form of colorful sparks that appear around you. (Can be turned off, but why would I do that.) Toddlers and even children have very limited options for using magic, but at least it is there. (Realm of Magic has no magic at all for children, unless you use Zulf's mods. Which you should even if you don't use magic, because it is stupid that a 10 year old can't work out or make a salad.)

Annika has the Dance Machine trait, and it looks like little Liisa is taking after her mother. This is why when parents ask "How can I get my kids to do X", the best solution is usually to do it yourself, and pretend you're not even aware the kids are seeing it.

Next time, if any, we may delve into the magic systems. Maybe?
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