itlandm_sims (itlandm_sims) wrote,

It's been a long time

I'm still alive, long may it last. My newish computer on the other hand, was corrupted to the core. I'd blame Morgoth, Dark Foe of the World, but actually I later read that it was because of a Windows 10 update. With most other computer stuff, you update to make things safer. Not so with Microsoft: They push out updates without testing them against even mainstrema machines like my HP Pavilion. As a result, I had to reset the machine to out-of-factory condition. Luckily I have a large hard disk attached to my router and a piece of software on each computer that backs up the computer in the background. Only not this computer, or at least there was no trace of it on the backup disk. This one I definitely blame on Morgoth.

I even had an unfinished update on Amanda growing up and her robot Boyfriend 2.0 getting a new more humanoid shape. But none of that matters now. They will live on in our memories, at least for a while.

After that, I did not play The Sims much for a while. Eventually I took up again Sims 3, but I have mostly just been playing my self-sim trying to improve the life of the villagers by means of magic, teaching work-related skills, giving kids tablet computers, and writing books.

I tried Sims 4 Eco Living. It is not bad. It doesn't fix the base game though, which is bad.

Curretnly trying a Sorcery mod recommended by Carl (the guy with the best Sims guides.) It is fun for a while at least, so I should write about it maybe.
Tags: sims 3, sims 4

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