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In college with big sister, the final(s) part

Let's go look into the lives of the siblings at university again!

Mass! Gretta! What are you doing?

What did you think? Best friends hug, of course! Because they are just that cute.

Does Mona Lisa have anything on that smile? Nope, it is the bestest smile in the whole (sim) world!

Gretta is still the same loving big sister as when Mass was a toddler. There is just ... uh ... more of her. Yeah. A lot more.

Just don't overdo it, OK? It is hard to strike a balance, since Sim's pounds just melt off when they exercise.

Erika, the dormie with the greatest taste in pants, is also doing her part to keep in shape. I am sure this is a great motivation to keep your legs straight, but I would still have found another spot. There might be toe fungus and whatnot.

OK, maybe not... our dormie friend Juliet is on the case!

Juliet's boyfriend, Damien, is another type of specialty sims: A Breaker, he has the ability to destroy any equipment with a simple touch. Poor Juliet.
(No, his name is not Romeo.)

And then there is Rusty, who can fix anything broken almost as quickly. The dorm also has a couple autonomous cleaners, whose names I have forgotten. (Probably because I am a guy in Real Life.)

And it is finally time for graduation! Sorry to all who wanted to see secret societies, debate club, robot-building club, shower woohoo and keg parties. I am sure someone else will be able to show that, at least if they don't try to plow through uni in 3 semesters like Mass here did.

(A small note on graduation ceremony: It is rabbithole, so don't expect too much. And save before it starts, and try to keep their needs OK beforehand. If they wander off to buy fast food or play juice pong, they may miss the graduation ceremony. They should still get their diploma though.)

And we're done! I am not sure who is most happy, me or them. I admit that dorms wasn't really my dream lifestyle IRL either, so there is that.

And our happy couple siblings are ready to start a new life together in the only remaining empty house in Glimmerbrook. (Keeping them nearby so I can see whether they actually live autonomously or just age slowly.) I had Gretta take a job as a teacher even though that is not her degree (it would be entertainer, I think) but Mass got his preferred job, Journalist.

And with this we can return to our sarcastic high school student and her computerized Boyfriend 2.0. Maybe her parents have time for another baby? Or have we learned our lesson by now?
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