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Servo familiares

The Ulveskaret family shares a quiet breakfast together. In the background Boyfriend 2.0, the family Servo, is fixing the broken computer. Servos are immune to electrocution, so they are ideal for all kind of electric repairs. Also for making more Servos, although you may have some doubts about the long term effects of that...

In our previous visit to Ulveskaret, we saw Amanda make a Servo. Today we will talk more about our new metallic overlords family member.

Despite not being waterproof, Servos are able to repair plumbing of various types with no ill effects. Just don't send them swimming.

Unlike the Servo of Sims 2, however, this one does not feel compelled to repair, clean, garden or make food. You can choose "modules" for it to prioritize, like repair or gardening, but it seems to have limited if any effect on actual behavior. If I did not order him around, he would gravitate to the computer to play. I can hardly hold it against him since I was doing the same thing myself.

Much of the day for a young servo is however spent sleeping, or "recharging" as it is called. Right out of the robot station, they have limited battery capacity and durability. As they level up through 10 levels, they gradually need less sleep.

They also have limited durability and require tune-up from a competent Sim at least once a day. But in addition, they can occasionally get upgraded. The process looks similar but takes a modest number of parts (including parts that must be crafted) and leaves the robot in better shape. Each level has its own benefit, like better batteries, better durability, faster charging or faster skill gain. From level 3 they can also repair themselves, albeit very slowly. With better robotics skill they can repair themselves faster and even upgrade themselves... if you trust them with that.

With enough experience, they become gradually more useful. Here he helps upgrade the sleep pod, a hi-tech gadget that strangely enough comes from the Get Famous expansion, which doesn't have a lot more going for it unless you want to risk your sims getting famous and being harried by paparazzi like in Sims 3 Late Night. It does have a reputation system though, which is nice if you are nice.

The ten upgrade levels depend not just on parts, but also on life experience. Servos can download upgrades wirelessly from databases, but it is a slow process and leaves them standing motionless for a long time. Instead, you can just let them gain experience by learning skills, exploring their world and meeting new sims. The first levels fly by pretty fast, and the Servo gradually becomes less dependent on other sims. In a sense, it is not entirely unlike children growing up, although their appearance remains the same, and the process is more subtle.

This has been a public Servo announcement. Next time,hopefully, the plan is for Gretta and Mass to finally leave the nest.
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