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Ulveskaret: How quickly they grow up!

Amanda ages up to teen!
Gretta: "How did you manage to stay so thin??"
Quite a contrast there. And I rather like the everyday clothes she aged into. Kind of subdued and not too feminine. She's like 13, guys!

Gretta aged up too, to young adult. No visible changes to her body though. (Seriously, EA, fix plz.)

I got her some new clothes that look a bit more mature and less rebel. Especially this one, which I can see as her future work attire. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a music study at any of the universities, nor a musician career? (Edit: Fine Arts has some music study, and there is a musician branch in the Entertainer career. Not a separate career like in Sims 3.) I'm thinking of making her a music teacher maybe? I think she would be a very cool and popular teacher.

Of course, she should also look cool while she is a student, so I got her some more youthful clothes in her favorite colors, black and black.

As a teen, Amanda has set out to learn more skills. Programming, for instance. Her father dabbled in this for quite a while until their dragonfruit garden made it pointless to do any paid work ever again.

He's also got to level 6 in Robotics, but perhaps it is time to pass the blowtorch to a new generation?

Speaking of time to pass, Gretta has graduated high school with flying colors and is ready for university. I have to admit that she is probably the perfect student for the typical dorm life, with her music skills, charisma, humor and outgoing personality. On the other hand, she would not have her family around, and especially her brother. And because of the bug with moving back in, once she's gone she's probably gone from Ulveskaret forever. I think her brother would really have a problem with that. (Amanda, not so much.)

"I really should sleep, but I need to make sure my sister doesn't leave me. Ever."

Well, the university application is in the mail. Those who live will see, I hope.

Technical note: I finally got my home network to function with different versions of Windows, and have moved the Ulveskaret family from my old Win7 PC to my newest Win10 PC. The good news is that I can play and write in parallel again! The bad news is that Win10 introduced a bug where a sim may lose all motivation without warning and just stand there. With a family of five I may not notice this until their portrait changes color. On the plus side again, saving to the main menu and reloading will motivate them again, and takes very little time now that I have an SSD instead of an old laptop harddisk.
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