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Imagine Fantasy World with Siblings

As promised, picture of the kids' rooms: Gretta to the left, Mass in the middle and Amanda to the left. Also, proof that Amanda has not yet been carried off by the social worker! Largely thanks to me, I still suspect. But I may be wrong. Maybe I am just a perfectionist when it comes to my sims, unlike in Real Life (if any).

Speaking of which, I am currently testing MC Command Center with my self-sim on my Norwegian-language machine. The closest thing to NRAAS for this game, it has options to decrease or increase autonomy of specific sims and specific objects, which hopefully means an end to the cycle of drinking and peeing for whichever sims are out of view and out of mind at the moment, and also allowing a computer in the house without sims going into needs desperation from playing Bitblock for a full workday.

There are still things I feel this game does worse. For instance, with my selfsim, I will often accept invitations to visit friends or attend a part or go to a convention. But with a family, that would mean leaving four family members to the mercy of Artificial Stupidity for the duration. I would then come home to find them on the brink of needs desperation, and without having made progress on homework, skills, magic, garden maintenance, arts or crafts. In Sims 3, they were in the same world so I could check in on them and redirect them as needed. In Sims 2, time did not pass while I was outside home so no loss. This game seems to have the worst from both its predecessors: Needs go down but little or nothing useful gets done.

I totally understand that you would not make the Artificial Intelligence too awesome even if you could, as that would deny players a sense of accomplishment. But there is not much accomplishment in having to turn down invitations or come home to desperate family members. (Well, I suppose some working women would have opinions on this, but probably not in extreme disagreement.)

The two oldest kids do finally sleep apart... sort of. That does not stop one of them from coming into the other's room to watch over them if their sleep schedule is not in sync.

They are constantly checking up on each other throughout the day. If only most married couples were as devoted to each other as these two siblings!

Their sibling love would have been even more touching if they did not have a little sister whom they only occasionally seem to remember even exists. (They will meet up in her room though - the previous picture was from there.)

Meanwhile, mysteriously, dishes get done!
"What? I am a girl too, you know, even if I don't look like it!"
I don't think girliness is defined primarily by the ability to do housework, these days.
"I'll grow boobies soon. I drink milk every day."
You've been watching anime again, haven't you?

I renamed the stuffed dragon "Boyfriend", the social interactions get much more fun that way. "Imagine Fantasy World with Boyfriend" is my favorite. And yes, interacting with large stuffed animals does help fill the social bar, even if it takes some time.

I may or may not make an update someday about MCCC and/or my first Sims 4 selfsim. Not sure. But this is all for now.
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