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My sims go New Age

Yoga: A spectator sport for men.

I have been on a break from the Ulveskaret family while experimenting with my newest game pack, Spa Day. It costs the same as Realm of Magic with a tiny fraction as much content, but I suppose it appeals to people who don't aspire to multiply food, resurrect their friends, come back from the dead and live forever. This is more EAstern inspired, I guess, with yoga and meditation and werid massages. Well, not THAT kind of weird, but...

While yoga leaves long-lasting moodlets of concentration, inspiration or energy, meditation melts away negative moods like tense, sad and angry. (Not stinky, unfortunately. Please shower after long yoga sessions.) During meditation, positive moods are greatly extended. I suppose you could say it purifies your emotions. There is also a chance for a long-lasting moodlet of pure happiness after a longer meditation session.

There are several types of massage you can give to family and even neighbors that drop by. They all give long-lasting positive moods, if they succeed. These can be general happiness or specific emotions. Yelling in the face of realism, massage uses the same skill as yoga and meditation, so you can unlock powerful massage skills by standing on your head or sitting on the floor. And they said magic was unrealistic.

Foot and hand massages require a special chair, although it can also be used for just sitting and talking. The owner of the foot or hand get a pretty strong happy moodlet. (This one said +3, for 6 hours.) Note that you cannot accumulate multiple massage moodlets.

The house was sprawling like crazy, so I put the Wellness Center room underground, free from outside distractions and curious neighbors. Thanks to LittleMsSam for the Elevators Everwhere mod. Without this (and the relevant expansion packs) my sims would have had to traverse long, slow stairs to and from the basement. I am thinking of maybe adding a second floor as well, and move the bedrooms up there.

Now that we have two teenagers and everything. Mass actually looked like a teenager right away, except for being as tall as his parents. Gretta is kind of getting there. The clothes helped, and repeated workouts. Unfortunately her hips and thighs are shrinking too, maybe more than her guts. Unlike her mother, who is getting a bit of an hourglass shape now that she jumps on the treadmill on her own without being asked. The yoga burns some calories too.

Our first natural born spellcaster who does not need a Rite of Ascension to get started. And the bookshelves are studded with magic tomes that parents (and more lately Gretta) have "borrowed" from the library in the Magic World. You never know if the Vortex one day gobbles up even the few remaining rocks, best to get the valuables to safety... ^_^

Next time, if any, hopefully we will see Amanda again. Also see the new kid bedrooms, and find out whether Gretta and Mass will ever sleep in their own beds.
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