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"Like mother, like daughter"

We haven't focused on Gretta in a while. And a good thing too, because it would be kind of awkward to explain how blowing out candles (or even eating the whole birthday cake, if she could do that) could lead to this startling transformation.

"You really did become like me!" "That was not what I meant, mom. I meant I wanted to do magic like you, not LOOK like you!"

Good luck hugging with those bumpers in the way. (And they are as usual computer-generated, I certainly did not pull on them in the CAS, even for the mom.)

This is my first Sims 4 teen and EA, what in the name of decency is wrong with your heads? Why now, after getting this right two great games in a row, have you abandoned the idea that teens should be moderately shorter and have less extreme body types, a kind of transitional phase between children and adults? Too much artwork and coding? Saving a little on salaries here, EA?

In all fairness, I did know a girl like that once. Basically around 14 she could pass for a college girl if you did not look at her face, which a number of guys didn't. But really EA, don't deprive us of a whole life phase visually. Boo. Hiss. Downvote.

The happiest day's in a mother's life is when her daughter asks for the Rite of Ascension. Let the wizardry begin!

But first it is time to plow through some of the easiest Tomes of Magic that her parents have brought home over the years. The friendly little dragon in the corner is also a familiar that her mother happened upon once while searching for tomes. Unmatched at any price! Mass' phoenix was also found during such a search.

I made a separate exercise room with energizing decor, but I can't see any effect from just a few hours of workouts, again unlike Sims 3 where the pounds just melted off. (A bit too fast in my opinion.) I don't mind well-rounded people, but not all body types wear their calories equally well. The fake pregnancy belly needs to go, especially for the teen. Besides, her father is and has always been athletic, it seems a bit weird if she doesn't get anything from him except her hair color. She is basically her mother with dyed hair. Her threads don't help either.

Yeah, that's definitely a less unflattering outfit, and goes very well with her dragon and her new Music Lover trait.

Perfect! The guiitar fits her much better than the violin she actually knows how to play. Well, with the boost from fulfilling her childhood creativity aspiration, it should not take too long. And it is not like she needs to do it all today.

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