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It is hard to be a toddler

"I hope you slip on a banana peel, Daddy." Amanda is giving him her best Thunberg glare, as well she should when he decides his half-empty social need bar is more important than her red hunger bar. It's not like there's no one else in the house he could talk to. Or chat on the computer, or browse social media on his smartphone, or drink a potion if all else fails. Where was he when she had to go find a slice of pizza in the kitchen? Get thee hence, thou bumbling parent.

I don't really think the game creates special needs toddlers, so the ongoing fiasco so far this sim week is probably because the family has grown beyond what the artificial intelligence can handle easily. There are simply too many factors. Without my intervention it would definitely have been far worse, and most likely a social worker would have taken Amanda, we would never seen her again, and the whole family would be like "She's in a better place now".

Even when the adults do something actually useful, it is incredibly boring and they can't explain why you have to do it. They're like NO NO NOT IN THE DIAPER and yet they were the ones who put the diaper there in the first place.

Even when Amanda was with the other kids, she felt like there was a... distance between them, even if she could not put it into words.

Sometimes she would feel like she was the fifth wheel on the family car, and she did not like that feeling.

She did not like that at all.

Others will disappoint you again and again, little Amanda. Listen to the Voice in your head. The Voice will help you. Follow the voice and you will become strong on your own.

Also, there is a hot dog in it for you.
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