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Whims baby

The androgynous little thing to the right is Amanda, the third toddler in Ulveskaret.

How did this happen? Well, when a mommy and a daddy love each other very much... they get a ¤100 whim "Try for baby with...". And, stupdily challenging fate, I promised myself that if both of them had this whim at the same time, they would get to try. Improbable though it might be, they did, and so they tried for baby, and succeeded. Kind of. They succeeded in getting a baby started, but not in fulfilling the whim, because evidently there is a bug where whims are only credited during the first (unknown length of time) after you boot the game. I had evidently been playing too long without exiting the game, and could no longer cash in whims. Or maybe it was the whims who had stayed too long, I am not sure how this works. Anyway, I guess toddlers are their own rewards. At least if you can be two places at once.

In the background is Katinka, reading a book. (This is a flashback to before Amanda was born.) The Katinka in the foreground is a clone, from the Duplicio spell. You can only have one at a time, unfortunately, and each new copy starts from scratch with relationships. But it is not like a random guest will notice the difference. Yes, for some obscure reason, random guests stop by and knock on the door every few days. In addition, the two sages stop by at random times, as well as trying in vain to get the parents to go to night clubs and midningt dances in old ruins. Anyway, you can't really control the clones, except for telling them to clean or cook, which you can easily do with spells anyway and get more Wizard XP for it. But you can use them indirectly, like engaging them in a groups conversation and then leave to read a good book.

In the fullness of time, I sent Katinka to the hospital to give birth. I would not say it was encouraging to see the doctor on duty was a ghost, but you have to commend his undying loyalty to his work. At least the baby was alive, or as alive as those things get in the Sims 4. (Hint - they are basically furniture. Screaming furniture. I age them up as soon as the New Baby moodlet wears off.)

This time, once she had recovered, I sent the mother out jogging. I intend to do this more or less daily until it becomes possible to see whether she is pregnant or not. When a pregnant sim summons a duplicate, the duplicate is not pregnant, but I could not see that until the third trimester. Here I was hoping for a duplicate baby...

The kids don't havea problem with their weight so far. The only reason I send Gretta to exercise in the unfortunately named "monkey bars" is that she has maxed her mental and artistic childhood aspirations already, so might as well work on the motor skill. Mass will go there on his own. Much like actual parents, I become gradually less micromanaging for each child. That said, I will proably have them fulfill at least one childhood aspiration. On long lifespan that happens almost automatically unless you get fed up and age them to teen. Gretta is scheduled to teen the coming weekend.

With the increasing family, I reorganized the bathrooms. There is now one actual bath and two toilet rooms. For realism it would have been better with a proper corridor, but the sims don't mind other people walking through their bedrooms most of the time. If someone walks into the bathroom, on the other hand, they are horribly embarrassed. I am told they can actually die from it. Well, this layout should minimize embareassment. It may not hold up if there are a dozen people, but in Sims 4 that is a lot less appealing than before, because there is so much more to do for each of them. I suppose I could have a family running mostly on freewill and see what happened, but it won't be THIS family. Probably not.
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