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From cute toddler to nerdy firestarter

Enjoy your final minutes of sis-splaining to the cute toddler, for it is birthday time! He has maxed his toddler skills, time to level up. I don't mind if he loses a few days early in his life, he can always take those back later, being born a wizard and all.

Potions of Immortality and Resurrection. I am not sure how I feel about theology-level chemicals lying around by the roadside, but the children at least seem reluctant to even touch them. If only Real Life had that feature! Anyway, I am playing at Long lifespan, and I have a feeling I am going to be pretty fed up with this game before we get around to testing the Immortality potion. But for now, there are still many new things to me since I gave up so early before.

For instance, I had no idea that guests would spontaneously help children with homework. In this case, extra homework even, that she spontaneously decided to do even though she is already at Grade A.

I also had no idea kids could set the chemistry set on fire during experiments, but that happened to Mass, and I was too busy putting it out to remember to takie pictures. Katinka managed to put it out with a Chillio spell, and repair it with a Repairio spell (after they had received the insurance money...) so except from a 24-hour tense moodlet for the rest of the family, it did not go too badly.

After the fire, Mass felt strangely drawn to the fire-colored orb in the corner. Well, actually I was the one who drew him to it. Turns out that since he was born in-game from a spellcaster, he has the trait already as a child. This means he can bind familiars and summon them, but he has no other spells until he becomes a teen.

Burnie the phoenix familiar should be able to keep the kid alive if he sets more things on fire. Athough hopefully at least one parent will be around to put it out. Or I suppose I could have him stick to easier tasks until his skill gets higher.

I got a new double bed, partly because they don't have monsters under them. Those monsters should be limited to children with some special traits and not be a defining feature of childhood. There is supposedly a nightlight to keep them away, but I can't find it. Maybe it came with the Parents expansion pack, while the monsters came with the patch to the base game. Anyway, there are no monsters when you have company. I'll add another bedroom before they reach puberty, though. Right now he hasn't had his first school day yet, I think it is just as well for all involved to have the two of them sleep together.

Gretta has finished two aspiration, for mental and artistic, but I want her and Mass to have some childhood together before she ages up to teen.

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