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Excessively talkative families

Accidental family portrait! They just can't stay apart.

I tried to make my spellcaster family nerdy, but it seems that with each new family member, the talking grows exponentially. The improved multitasking abilities was touted as one of the breakthroughs of this game, but what it means is that eating a hamburger can take two hours or more (instead of the usual one ...) because they have to chat between each bite.

If there is anyone else in the room they will also try to talk while painting or working at the workbench. Toddler Mass has made use of this, wandering around the house and talking to everyone. As a result, his Communications skill maxed far ahead of everything else (it reached five when other skills were just two). OK, this is partly because his mother would spontaneously teach him to talk if I did not put her to productive work. But even then, talk talk talk talk, slowing things down even more than usual. I call this the Mass Effect. ^_^

The two siblings have established an unlikely friendship. They are perfectly happy to just sit in the couch for hours talking nonsense and goofy stories. No sibling rivalry, only sibling revelry. She enjoys the "So cute" moodlet from being around a toddler, and he enjoys talking nonsense. One night he even woke her up after finding food on the kitchen counter, and instead of bitching his head off, she went and fetched a plate. And people say magic is unrealistic!

Speaking of unrealistic children, here is Gretta spontaneously doing extra coursework even though she already has an A. Her mother is eating, as usual. OK, that may be harsh, but it really looks like she never got out of the habit of eating for two, and now she looks pregnant even when she is not. She is still the main breadwinner of the family though, so cut her some slack. She has maxed her painting skill and can reliably make realistic paintings worth more than §1000. Masterworks go on the walls at home, unless they are duplicates. It boosts the mood without messing up their emotions.Toddlers are immune though.
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