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How quickly they grow up!

School child Gretta says hi. I had her mother bake a birthday cake for her when she had learned all the toddler skills. The mom wanted another baby, she is not getting any younger.
Well, she managed to beg a Rejuvenation Potion from Simeon the Sage of Practicality (the guy in the picture above). Her husband has improved on and duplicated the potion, so I suppose we could so something about that pesky ageing. Then again, if we do we won't get to test the Immortality potion. From the description, it simply prevents death from old age, it doesn't make you any younger. I don't even know if it times out eventually, or if it is only good for one death. Hopefully I am not the only person testing this expansion. (Usually Carl's Sims is my goto site, but he clearly dislikes this pack because it makes the game too easy. Of course it does if you use the magic to its fullest extent. I use it to even the scales. When my sims spend an hour eating a slice of pizza, I have no qualms about summoning it instead of making it, at least some of the time.)

On that note, I made Gretta in the Create-a-Sim genetics tool with her father being a spellcaster already, but she is not a spellcaster. I can see this because she does not have a Glimmerstone, which all bloodline spellcasters get when they become toddlers. She should have been, spellcaster genetics is dominant over muggle genetics (although not over other occults) but evidently you need to have actually cast a spell first. Rumor has it that even those born with bloodline trait need to have it activated before conceiving, or the bloodline mechanism won't kick in.

Just because she is not born a wizard doesn't mean she can't make potions and control the elements, through the power of SCIENCE! Well, sometimes the elements kind of do their own thing, but it is still a lot of fun and she has discovered a couple useful potions. Sort of. Just make sure to be close to a bathroom if you try to drink them.

Now about the new baby thing. Luckily the mom was pretty enthusiastic about it, despite the morning sickness that followed. After some sim days of eating, peeing and sleeping (no potions - drugs or babies, pick one) she gave birth to a healthy baby bassinet. OK, those screaming pieces of furniture are creepy. I don't remember babies being quite this objectified in the two previous games. I aged it up to a toddler as soon as the New baby! moodlet wore off. Yes, I do prefer to age them up at my pace, and I play on the long lifespan. If I want stress, I can interact more with customers at work.

Anyway, I am pretty happy with the outcome. This is Mass. And he has a Glimmerstone! One day it can take him to the Magical World, where he can assert his birthright as a spellcaster and level up a little faster than his parents. And if he has children again, they can level up even faster, and his grandchildren even more so. Or that's what it says. I'll probably never know from experience, because I tend to get fed up with Sims 4 pretty quickly. These 11 days may actually be the longest I have stuck with it so far. So I guess that's its own kind of magic.
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