itlandm_sims (itlandm_sims) wrote,

Sustained happiness

With the magical happiness from the Dusty Old Lamp and 10 days of euphoria for graduating from Uni, our friend Brandum Brown can do pretty much whatever he wants while the lifetime happiness points are rushing in. Part of the time is spent painting, which is his new career. But he needs to be careful to not maximize his skill too early. His lifetime want is Renaissance Sim, maxing three skills, and he already maxed two at Uni.

So he also takes some time off to collect various things around the neighborhood, or go hunting in werewolf form for alchemy ingredients. He has a decent supply of these by the time his ten days of double happiness run out.

When the ten days are over, he makes himself a hamburger. I managed to stop him just minutes from maxing his cooking skill at Uni, so he has had a long time to wait for that burger! (Luckily with the Food Synthesizer from Into the Future - shown at the left in the picture - you can make any food except Ambrosia, instantly, without cooking. There are even a few extra recipes from the future, and cold beer. The taste is not the same though. Or at least the moodlets are not the same.)

Anyway, our stupid sim maxes his third skill (and there are two more in line, painting and mixology) and gets 70 000 lifetime points and seven days of +75 mood, which is ridiculously much, three times as much as he had from graduation. Oh, and the 70 000 are twice as much as you'd normally get from that lifetime want, which is itself one of the better in terms of points. Alchemy has an elixir at the highest level that gives you double happiness points from all wishes (but not from actual happiness) for 24 hours. Pretty overpowered, and the elixir also sells for more than 1000 simoleons if you have to spare. For a long time I was unaware that it also doubles the points from lifetime wants, but indeed it does. This event alone is enough to buy an Elixir of Youth with lifetime points, but don't count on making it a habit: Unlike in The Sims 2, you can only fulfill one lifetime wish in your lifetime. Which makes sense, frankly.

And with this triumph, and seven days of almost unbearably ecstatic joy ahead, we leave our intrepid hero for today.
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