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Mixology and dangerous dreams

Mixology, from the "Late Night" expansion, allows you to created a limited number of mood boosting drinks. You can not actually mix these again to get multiple effects, but you can drink them one after another and the effects will stack. The effects are:
-Faster skill learning
-More successful romantic interactions
-Remove some negative moodlets (possibly only romantic rejection - I have tried various others with no effect)
-Stay awake longer (only reduces energy loss once energy becomes low enough to normally give "tired" moodlets, not quite as effective as coffee beans)
-Crazy: fun bar slowly fills itself over time and the sim gets the "extreme" adjective added to ordinary actions just like with the Daredevil trait. This may sometimes become permanent (but the fun not).

Mixology is another of those skills that are not or only minimally affected by stupidity, at least when learned by practice rather than by skill books. Once you are able to make the skill booster drink, you can use this to speed up your mixology skill progress. When you first discover a new mood booster drink, there is a large chance of making at least some of the drinks of bad quality, which means they make sims queasy instead of giving them mood boosts and benefits. I know three ways of fixing this:
1) Improving your overall mixology skill. If you have a high skill, you can make lower-level drinks of good quality or above right away.
2) Practicing that particular drink will quickly improve its quality.
3) The lifetime reward "Better mixologist" at 15 000 points.
Drink quality continues to improve even after you've maxed your skill, increasing both the duration and the mood boost you can receive.

By his fourth semester, Brandum Brown has a lot of lifetime happiness points. I could easily get the Better mixologist reward, but I feel it would not be in character to do that until he has maxed the skill. I could also get the Fast learner reward, but that kind of negates much of the point of being stupid in the first place. Perhaps later - he would still be slower than a genius with the same reward, which my genius bookworms tend to add pretty early in their lives since it is in character for them. Instead I bought the Haggler reward (because long-time university students get experience in not having a lot of money) and the related Bookshop Bargainer. These two benefits stack, making books quite affordable. This should help with those expensive recipies, both for high level food (like Ambrosia) and elixir (like Fountain of youth). Holding off a couple more until we finish his Arts studies.

One day this sexy beast wakes up in the Dreampod (from the "Into the Future" expansion) with a different personality. The evening before, he got a wish to dream of opposite personality. Since money was not an issue anymore (he typically earns 15-20 000 per semester) I had a couple Dreampods standing around. I saved the game first, in case he actually and permanently became a handy, neat athletic genius. According to what I had read online the effect should expire after 12 hours unless you had another dream in the meantime, in which case you would interrupt the 12 hour timer that would make the new traits disappear. Well, none of that actually happened.
He got the trait Disciplined instead of Couch Potato. The opposite of Couch Potato would be Athletic, since one makes sims fat and flabby and the other makes them fit and muscular. Disciplined is only relevant for martial artists. Until he gets himself to China, the change is actually a loss for him, since he no longer get double comfort from sitting or lying in comfortable furniture. And he's stuck with it, because it did not expire after 12 hour. This behavior fits another Dreampod interaction, "dream of a different personailty". I saw that too in the list and made sure to pick opposite. Well, let this be a learning experience, Mr Brown. You're stuck with a trait that is useless until you get yourself to China and learn martial arts. And that won't be until two entries from now at best, if we ever get that far.

Next time, if any: Genies, not genius!
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