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Things get hairy

Despite the increased course load, Brandum Brown finds time to enjoy himself! (Not really, this was on arrival night, before the academic counter started running.) (Also, she dropped him right after this picture. Perhaps lose some weight, big guy?)

Mr Brown is back to university for his second semester. Given how easy it was the first time, he has increased his courseload to double. (Don't try this in Real Life, if you are stupid! On the other hand, if you were stupid, you would not have found this site in the first place, I suppose.)

This year the story gets hairy, or should we say furry, as Brandum uses alchemy to unleash the beast within. A mid- to high-level elixir, the Curse of the Lycanthrope turns a sim into a werewolf. Despite the name, lycanthropy is actually moderately positive for a sim, as it increases adult and elder lifespan by 50% and allows strength training without getting worn out and stiff. Sims will turn into a furry form spontaneously under a full moon or if sufficiently angry, but can also change form voluntarily. Being in wolf form gives a 30 point happiness moodlet, which can be useful for young starter sims who don't have a lot of expensive furniture and paintings. It doesn't help against stupidity, though. One might be tempted to say, quite the opposite...

Apart from howling at the moon, werewolves also get the urge to scratch the furniture. This is a small wish that you can fulfill, but if you take your eyes off them they may well do it on their own, which could get expensive in the long run. Depending on the material, scratching a piece of furniture more than once could well ruin it. Uncontrolled werewoves will also sniff other sims inappropriately, growl at them, or roll over to be scratched on the stomach. Yeah, I guess they are actually more weredogs than wolves. At least they are housebroken.

It is a small step for simkind, but a big bounce for a disadvantaged sim patiently climbing toward world domination. Or at least neighborhood domination. Besides the slightly longer lifespan and bodybuilding bonus, werewolves can also sniff out alchemical ingredients: Insects, precious stones and metals. Not really difficult to collect enough of these for most elixir anyway, but hey, don't look a gift wolf in the mouth! Wait, that was a "gift horse". You should probably look gift horses in the mouth of they are made of wood, because they might be Trojan horses, but it may be safest to stay away from werewolf mouths, especially when they are hungry. Or angry. Or both.

Oh, and the double course load and stupid sim? No problem. You don't need a specific skill level for each semester like in Sims 2, instead you get credit for time spent skilling. Not sure if you get less credit when you learn skills slowly - he learns cooking at around normal speed, and painting doesn't seem too slow either.

Next time we'll probably look into mixology (late night expansion).
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