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Now new and even dumber!

Wall removed to show Maximus McDermott in the background watering the Brown plants. Becase the McDermotts are farmers, they can't help themselves when they see plants suffering, evidently?

Lacking an earlier savegame, I decided to reboot with another dummy. This time it will be no fairies or vampires. Not only do they learn fast, they also live five times longer than other sims with no extra effort. Brandum Brown will have to work for his longevity, and every precious skill he gets.
Luckily he has me, the higher-dimensional guiding spirit! Remember kids, even if you are stupid, always listen to your higher-dimensional guiding spirit. The one that says "Do homework with Maximus", not the one that says "Stay out after curfew and throw egg at the neighbor's door."

Doing homework with other teens is not noticeably faster than doing it alone, but it fills up the social need and there is almost no loss of fun, both of them great improvements over the basic homework action. And it helps your fellow students too!

BrandumB's traits are Clumsy, Couch Potato, Slob, Stupid. He actually feels slightly harder to play than Dumey, perhaps because he got less useful school quests. Being asked twice to go to France sucks when you are broke and live alone and can't even afford a proper bed. Luckily the boiler also broke down twice, allowing him to get an A by the middle of the second week, with some hard work and working with delayed homework during school days.

My sims lifespan is set such that they are children for one week, teenagers for two weeks, young adults for three weeks, adults for three weeks and elders for three weeks (give or take, depending on lifestyle and luck). And yet on Thursday the second week I noticed that my sim had 0 days left till growing up. Having spent his first week with "C" grades, he was likely to get a bad trait! Luckily, thanks to my earlier panicky gathering of seeds and leveling up gardening, he actually had a newly harvested lifefruit to delay that transition. He continued to live like this, sometimes two days ahead if the fruit was plentiful and sometimes one if there went a day without fruit. After a voluntary third week in high school, Brandum grew up on Friday and I gave him the trait "Gatherer". Not too overpowered, but definitely useful. It lets you find stones, seeds etc of better quality, lets you catch insects and nanites every time, and improves the quality of plants you plant.

And so ends the first chapter of the story of Brandum Brown's thorny road toward world domination!
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