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A utopia with glitches - Itlandm's Sims

Oct. 30th, 2013 11:52 pm A utopia with glitches

The optional Holo Projector chip lets you invite a friend or close acquaintance from the future to the past or the other way around, as shown in the promotional videos. But it also lets you invite friends from university or tourist destinations! Here is Brittney Lefevre, a tourist from France who I've stayed in touch with. She is supposedly on her last legs, but this is not her ghost - it is a holographic projection that lets her interact with the world of Riverview as if she was physically present, including getting a massage. Advanced Technology indeed! ^_^

Olaug grew up well, and also looks less creepy than she did. She is not evil after all, but she was born to be flirty. I am happy to say that there is no sign of it yet.

She got a futuristic bedroom, including a dream capsule so she can learn Advanced Technology even in her sleep. Nanita is very happy to see her little girl got such a great room, complete with holographic wall panel.

Sadly, this is our last picture of Nanita! She borked out the next day. I noticed around noon that the plates from breakfast were still lying around, and checked on her. She wished for a Competent Cleaner chip, which I knew she already had. But it was gone - all of her trait chips were gone, including several expensive and rare chips. I gave her the Cleaner chip, as I had a stock of these (I made them for practice) and she happily went about her work. But by the time I had finished making the next two chips, her chip room was empty again.

She was a good friend and the best nanny a little girl could ask for. Plumbbots don't age and don't die, but it was just heartbreaking to see her wander aimlessly around the house, looking at the familiar things as if she had never seen them before. It brings up way too many memories. So I took her to the future and left her there. I like to imagine that sometime in the far future, one of my sim!descendants will find a way to restore her...

A slightly modified caretaker appears: Nanita-2. It is a cruel world, but we do what we must, because we can. There is no sense crying over every mistake, you just keep on trying till you run out of nanites!

Luckily she seems to get along great with the head robot!

Olaug also seems to have made a new friend! An invisible friend, to everyone else, but those are the best, aren't they? ^_^

Even sim!Magnus meets an old friend for the first time. Her hairstyle may be different, but it is definitely the same Ari Moore, which some of you may remember as his tentative love interest in his first (?) Sims 3 incarnation, far in the distant past. In this timeline, she made her entrance into Riverview about 150-200 years after the founding (there has been some Ambrosia in the background) from some unknown probability cloud, and once again they get along like ketchup and mustard. I should probably let her live her own life this time, if the continuity even survives that far.

We did not make Nanita-2 just to do the dishes. Welcome little Markvard Itland, who will carry our amazing genes into the future. Hopefully. There is some worry about contamination from the previous test tube, because he has evidently been born with the flirty trait. What?? I am pretty sure that hasn't been in the family for a couple generations at least...

At least he is in capable mechanical hands! Robonannies actually teach toddlers to walk and talk on their own initiative. They don't teach them to use the potty unless told to, though. (Well, perhaps they do later, but there was no attempt halfway through Olaug's toddlerhood so I had Magnus potty train her.)

And then suddenly this happened. Magnus had a want to sleep in a dream capsule, a trivial thing I did not take a picture of. He had pleasant dreams about an Oasis Landing in bright colors and with happy people. Then suddenly the hologram of Emit Revelart appeared and told him to go to the future, and this is what happened. Seems his dream has triggered the Utopia scenario! It was supposed to take a long, complex storyline with quests, I thought. I guess sim!Magnus has become excessively powerful if even his dreams can change the future! Being the main character sure is a responsibility...

In the utopian future, there are special flowers that secrete "dew" that sims can collect and throw at each other. This robot seems to have an unlimited arsenal of them. Each dew has a different color, but they all give a +10 mood effect, at least the colored ones. There are also another positive moodlet, the rainbow, which I have not found out the cause of. There may well be others. The utopian future seems to be the place to go if you want to rack up extra lifetime happiness.

Unless invisibility is a future tech I haven't heard of yet, I am afraid we have another glitch. The game is still mostly stable, but between this and the Nanita episode, I cannot guarantee a long run.


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Date:November 1st, 2013 11:46 am (UTC)
RIP Nanita - it's strange how attached you can get to mechanical devices - nearly as strange as being attached to pixels!
Date:November 1st, 2013 01:11 pm (UTC)
In related news, I still have my previous five smartphones lying around. But at least they are not walking aimlessly around the house!
Date:November 1st, 2013 03:13 pm (UTC)
Five smartphones?! I'm on my first, had it since August, and my boss paid that one :)