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A-1, robot - Itlandm's Sims

Oct. 28th, 2013 11:47 pm A-1, robot

sim!Magnus spent some days in the future collecting nanites.

They are small, but with the collection helper they are easy to find. In the evening, the desert has dozens of them. There are many different types, including some that cannot be designed without reverse engineering the original. Nanites are the basic building blocks of future Artificial Intelligence.

Back home, Magnus drinks skill booster drinks (from mixology, Late Night EP) and works for hours on the plumbot station. He designs and makes nanites, then trait chips, then more trait chips. You can actually start making bots early in your career, but Magnus Robot Fan would not want to make products of less than Next Gen quality. (You can upgrade existing bots when you have leveled up, so that may actually be the best way. Just not my way.)

And there he is! This is a pretty faithful reconstruction of A-1 from the comic Magnus Robot Fighter. A-1 was a robot who had somehow acquired free will, and raised Magnus to become a martial artists who fought against corrupt politicians and mobsters who used robots to keep the humans down. A-1 is in a sense the real hero of the story, so it is only fitting to give him a new lease of life. ^_^

And it does not stop there! Soon after, Magnus makes Nanita. Any resemblance to characters living, dead or mechanical is purely unintentional! Right after making her, sim!Magnus rolled the wish to "Kiss Nanita for the very first time." He has had phone calls from married women wanting to date him, at least a couple times a day since he became marginally famous, but is still unkissed in this timeline. I think we'll keep it that way for now! She has a cleaning and nanny trait chip so far, no feelings or self-awareness. Nanita is to be the housekeeper and help raising the clones, if we ever get around to that before the game borks out.

I had to go into the future again to gather crystals; and I also got some large processors (by dismantling rare nanites), but I finally managed to make the consciousness trait chip for A1. He also has a number of other useful chips that should let him live as a free man, more or less. The "Office Drone" chip will let him get a job, and with the various skill chips, he should be pretty good. In any case, with Limitless Learning, he can learn any skill that a human can, but skill chips max your skills right out of the box so you don't have to learn them.

Nanita inherited a couple of A1s chips plus her own old ones, and should now be able to take care of a large family as well as anyone. Especially since my game has glitched out so they don't need energy or maintenance - the bars are stuck at 100%, whereas social and fun are stuck at zero but with no effect on their behavior. I am not sure if this is a glitch only for me. Probably. Well, as long as it does not make the game explode, I am going to shrug it off.

After gaining self-awareness, A-1 spend quite a bit of time pondering its own importance. Well, at least when there are no opportunities to wield his impressive skill set. I am mildly surprised his creator does not do the same.

With the home and garden in capable robotic hands, Magnus decides to improve public health by going to the gym, bringing with him a group portion of synthetic food. As expected, there are suddenly a lot of people there, most of them working out upstairs at least part of the time.

Meanwhile Magnus stays downstairs reading or writing a book. After working out, people are understandably hungry - the body wants its calories back after all. That's why Magnus brings a plate of food, he's got enough of hearing people scream with hunger but refuse to go home as long as he is there. Being the main character is a heavy responsibility! ^_^

Being famous means getting invited to a lot of parties, not the favorite activity of a born loner. Here from an awkward moment at an otherwise forgettable party. He did get her DNA sample eventually, though, so there's that.

And there we go! Welcome little Olaug Søvik! Because it it perfectly normal and not creepy at all to clone the women you like and rise them in your household. For science! What could be better than being raised by a high-quality nanny robot anyway?
(Seriously though, Olivia had the evil trait. Surely I could raise her clone better than that...)

Then again, as we say up here, "the apple does not fall far from the trunk"... 0_0

What will happen next? Will there be more clones? More robots? Will the game bork beyond rescue? Will I wander off and do something else? Only the future can provide the answer...


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Date:November 1st, 2013 11:19 am (UTC)
Nice looking robots! And cloning the ones you like - Didn't SimMagnus do that in his last life too, where he couldn't tell apart his daughter and his lover...? :)
Date:November 1st, 2013 01:04 pm (UTC)
The aliens? That was the alien cloning herself, if so. And I am not sure whether Practice was a clone of Tixxis or just had very dominant genes. They sure looked alike though!