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Back from the future! - Itlandm's Sims

Oct. 26th, 2013 07:19 pm Back from the future!

Magnus Itland is home from the distant future, and he has brought with him some stuff!

The hoverboard is now his favorite transportation. It builds Advanced Technology skill all the time while he travels around town. Even if this skill builds slower in the present time, it adds up over the years.

The holocomputer does not build A.T. skill when used in the present, but it is still a handy tool. Magnus loves computers (he has the Computer Whiz trait) and he did not have one of his own yet. Of course he already has the MultiTab 6000 which he plays on, but for making comics the bigger screen is the way to go!

The old shower with occasional cold water is out, the acoustic shower is in! Magnus is happy. "I love living in the future, here and now!"

With only hours left of his young adulthood, Magnus goes back to university to finish his art degree and if possible grow a lifefruit. Sure you can use a youth elixir, and perhaps the game won't break this time. But let's try this first. The roomies are very happy with the food synthesizer, not so much with standing in line. The food quality varies when used by a newbie, but you can't beat the convenience. It even deconstucts the plates if you return them.

They also took to the soundshower pretty quickly. I put it in the gym room, and the dormies pretty much gave up on the water showers after that. By graduation, most of them had Advanced Tech level 1 and no longer lost their balance while showering. ^_^

Magnus graduated eventually, bringing with him a couple lifefruits, a high fishing skill (for catching deathfish) and a new personality trait: Plumbot fan! Completing your first degree allows you to take a sixth personality trait, and the choice was obvious. ^_^ More about plumbots later, I hope.

Traveling to the future made Magnus a little famous, and this friendly paparazzi (mamarazzi?) turned out to have a great personality. She is good, frugal and a savvy sculptor. Perhaps we'll clone her one day. ^_^

The science lab is ready in the basement. I prefer a more relaxing wallpaper than my sim!descendant, though.

With all the new technology, Magnus maximizes his Advanced Technology skill. It is time to take the next step. Into the future again...

It is time to learn robotics, starting with nanites, then trait chips, and finally plumbots. Will sim!Magnus master this hyperfuturistic skill and create the plumbot of his dreams? And if so, what will it look like and what trait chips will it have? Watch this space! Or at least, watch space! The truth is out there!


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Date:October 27th, 2013 03:18 am (UTC)
You seem to have a lot of fun with this expansion! :)
Date:October 27th, 2013 12:57 pm (UTC)
I love living in the future! ^_^