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Descendants and desert - Itlandm's Sims

Oct. 25th, 2013 11:59 pm Descendants and desert

At the very edge of the town of Oasis Landing, where a tractor track veers off into the desolate badlands, live the descendants of Magnus Itland. I guess their existence shows that cloning actually works this time around! ^_^
Jamal Itland the bot builder we met in our previous entry. I guess you can kind of imagine that he really is an Itland? Numerous generations down the line, of course.

By looking at her, Birgit Grønn here is probably Jamal's live-in girlfriend, not my sim!descendant at all. Although she certainly seems enthusiastic enough about meeting her long lost ancestor, so who knows. Of course, she and Jamal might be fourth cousins twice removed for all I know, it's supposed to have been a while.

So my theory is that Øyvind Grønn, to the right in the picture, is the son of Jamal and Birgit, since he has inherited the red hair from his ancestor. I suppose I could make them selectable and find out, but what's the fun in that? Conspiracy theories for the win!

Magnus has upgraded his smartphone to a holophone, which can project smilies in the air, imbuing face-to-face conversations with the colorful imagery of online conversation!

He may still have a way to go before he can use them as fluently as the natives of the future, though!

The fortune of the Itland/Grønn family rises and falls with every little change in the present. During a recent stay in the library I got 4 messages that there had been changes in their timeline. So far I have not unmade any of them though, so I guess that is good. Supposedly you can still rescue them (or their ghosts?) from the Mausoleum in that case, but I am in no hurry to try that.

Out in the desert proper, there are many things to find. Ordinary plant life is scarce to say the least, but these crystal plants are found occasionally. They are not quite sentient, but are able to absorb emotions and store them. If you find a white one, you can start it in the direction you want. There is supposedly a market for the crystals once they are full.

This one had already been started on love by some nameless traveller in the past.

The desert also has small scrap heaps (much smaller than in Ambitions) which may contain parts of the key to the spaceship. I have not pursued that quest line; supposedly it contains some Sims 4 preview goodies, which is not high on my wishlist.

The desert also has most of the nanites. Bugs are scarce in this future, as their ecological niche has been taken by small nanotech creatures with similar intelligence and better adapted to the near lifeless wasteland. These are too small for a good picture, but are used in robotics. You can make most nanites in the plumbot workshop, but a few rare ones are only found in the wild. More about plumbots later, I hope.


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Date:October 26th, 2013 04:27 am (UTC)
Strange findings indeed!