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Into the Future! - Itlandm's Sims — LiveJournal

Oct. 24th, 2013 04:16 am Into the Future!

You guys, Sims 3 Into the Future is super awesome and the best computer game ever! Once you get it up and running, that is.

The game was out in North America two days before, but only at midnight to October 24 here in Norway. (It is one day later again in the UK, I've read. I guess the Americans just can't get over their independence war.) I'd like if we could have downloaded the game in advance and just unlocked it at midnight - I know their Origin system can do this, because they do it with another game that doesn't interest me. But I had expected this delay.

What I had not expected was that I had to upgrade the base game to patch 1.63 before I could install Into the Future. The text for the patch listed numerous patches to Into the Future, and where I come from, you install patches AFTER the software you patch, not before! But this game is made in California, so. Anyway, this took half an hour or more - it certainly felt like more. And of course my Awesomemod was not compatible with the new version, so I sadly had to remove that and restart the game. Awesomemod hasn't really been updated with new features lately - it generally ignores Supernatural content - but it still does the things it has done before. Until now. Well, it's been two days. Even Pescado may have other things to do in his life. So have I, but I am probably going to forget them for a while.

One new feature is the active family load screen. The game load screen is still just a rolling text and animation, but when you load the household, you get a picture where you are asked to identify various elements in the picture, like a specific flower or piece of furniture or clothing. Clicking the correct element harvests a small bit of lifetime happiness points, which are distributed evently between your sim household members. In this case there is only sim!magnus, so he gets them all. The response is somewhat sluggish on my machine at the moment, in the loadscreen game that is. The game itself still runs fairly smoothly.

Almost immediately upon opening the game, the time portal lands on the property. When you send a sim to explore it, Emit Revelart appears. He gives you the Almanac of Time and a mini-quest to access the portal. (Gather 5 power cells, there are heaps of them scattered around the lot.) Meanwhile, he does unspeakable things to your garden.

OK, there seems to be no damage, so he probably just scanned the plants for the future archives. Then he zips off for the future, leaving his portal wide open.

There we go! INTO THE FUTURE! The future is so bright, I should switch to shades.

Big surprise, eh? Well, since I am here anyway, Mr Revelart generously offers to let me stay at the time motel for free, as long as I buy my own food and drinks. There are also quests (not time limited) to get acquainted with future technology.

The first is to fly around with a jetpack, which I get to borrow for free. Unfortunately it took about an hour real time before I realized that flying from lot to lot on the map - seemingly the only option when I clicked on the jet pack - did not count. Fly around is an option that appears when clicking on the sim, not the jetpack.

At that point, I had already built up my Advanced Technology skill a couple more levels. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it is sim!magnus with a jetpack!

The next task is to meet a plumbbot (the robots of the future) and ask it to explain its functions.

Notice how the friendship symbols have been updated. There are now human & plumbot and plumbot & plumbot symbols. I have not yet explored how this works if you already have a simbot from the Ambitions expansion, but I suspect they would be considered humans by their remote "descendants". Perhaps we will test it someday ... in the future, if any!


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Date:October 25th, 2013 04:31 am (UTC)
Might be fun, but I really think there are too many expansion packs and the Future came too soon. Maybe I'm getting old ;)
Date:October 25th, 2013 07:15 am (UTC)
I agree that there are excessively many expansions. I skipped Island Paradise, and wish I had skipped Seasons and Pets. I also wish there was a way to easily disable Supernatural while playing Into the Future, as they have totally different vibes. I turned off the game spawning occult sims though, so that helps a lot.

But Into the Future is my new favorite. I realize it still has the New Car Smell, but I think even after that it will rank up there with University Life, just after Ambitions. There are a lot of small "quality of life improvements", time savers and such, in this one.