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A little more supernature - Itlandm's Sims

Oct. 18th, 2013 10:49 pm A little more supernature

Practice's oldest son became a teen and he definitely had inherited his mother's powers along with her skin tone. The hair clearly comes from his father's side though. And no, random onlooker, that's not spiritism. Just the equivalent of a nap for someone from planet Sixon.

Meanwhile the descendants of our pixie couple have been fruitful and multiplied, giving rise to a wide range of colors. Although I am not sure they are the only ones. The green wing color never arose when I ran the family myself: The children always had one of the parent's colors, and it was always exactly the same. So perhaps there is a third pixie somewhere.

Probably not though, because the prime suspect would be Didrik Moland here, whose wings are not just green but very different in shape and size from the rest. But officially at least he is the son of one of the early pixie kids and a mundane. Perhaps he is a mutant pixie?

And finally we have a pixie with human skin color but fairy wings. Mission accomplished. ^_^

I was right that one of the original pixie kids was an elder (and wingless). I know the family tree places him as the son of my two original fairies, but I have to wonder. They did have a family friend with the "irressistible" trait. After he died, I haven't seen any more black-haired kids with only their mother's skin and wing color... Anyway, it's not the son's fault, so Magnus Itland raised him as a zombie, then healed him from zombism(?) with a sun blessing. Unfortunately it did not take long before I got a warning that he was about to die again. Next time I should probably have a youth potion to throw at him. Unfortunately I can't make a pixie potion, as I seem unable to catch the fairy damsel fish needed.

The neighborhood gets yet another color when Magnus Itland finds a dusty old lamp that summoned a genie. Not quite "I dream of Genie" scenario, but the guy is kind of useful to have around. I wished for happiness, world peace, and setting the genie free. After some quests he became a family member, and provides the family with the ability to teleport paparazzi and party crashers far away, or make them playable for a few sim hours, either of which seems fitting for the fame leeches. I'd love to clone him and send the kid into the gene pool, but alas. The game is borked.

Not sure if the neighborhood is borked, or the household, or just this lot. But there is definitely bork, bork, bork. Magnus can clone plants and stones, but not sims, including himself. He has the test tubes, but the process ends with an invisible nameless baby which cannot be interacted with. When Magnus goes to a party, no other guests show up, and while there he gets a text message saying they missed him at the party.

Moving to another neighborhood might allow me to clone sims, but it would kind of defeat the purpose of this storyline, which is to observe the rise and fall of supernatural genes in the town population.

Besides, there is only 5 days left till the future! At that point hopefully Magnus Itland will descend again to SimEarth, to travel to Oasis Landing and become known as Magnus Plumbot Fighter! Or something. Look forward to it!


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Date:October 19th, 2013 02:21 am (UTC)
Sorry about the borked neighbourhood. I feel that it happens a lot in S3...
Anyway, I'm impressed by all your complicated projects!
Date:October 19th, 2013 02:46 am (UTC)
With 9 expansion packs, it is amazing that the game runs at all! ^_^ I wish there was an alternate launcher like there was for Sims 2 that let you pick the expansions you loaded without having to uninstall them.