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Not without my Galaxy Note 3! - Itlandm's Sims

Oct. 7th, 2013 09:39 pm Not without my Galaxy Note 3!

Time flies when you don't have a dozen kids!

Practice Itland has found some friends who look a bit like her. All of them a slightly different shade of green, so she does not really stand out that much.

The friendship between teen Practice and her former invisible friend Budeie continues to slide as the both of them get more nerdy and prone to insulting each other's intelligence (and that of anyone else they meet, pretty much). Well, teens will be teens, but not forever.

Around the same time as the girls grow up to adults, Magnus grows up to elder. This neighborhood has shown an unusual lack of Lifefruit seeds, and of course between raising kids and studying science and magic, time has just slipped between his fingers. He decides to return to University to complete his arts education.

Speaking of the Arts, it is a well known fact that older wizards are the most powerful. You'd probably think twice before picking a fight with this one!

The young women continue their lives much like before, except not going to school. Except for the occasional visit to the library (Budeie) or gym (Practice), they mostly play computer games and write slashfic. OK, they call it "sports books", but you know.

Practice is also practicing the noble skill of mixology. Don't be fooled, the shiny drinks on the bar are made by her dad. She is making a tray of horrible party drinks.

She's good at fixing broken equipment with her telekinetic powers though. It seems to come naturally to her - no handiness skill required!

One day as the autumn is about to turn to winter, 88 year old Magnus Itland stands outside the home where he has lived since he started high school. He has had a good life: Published 5 comic books, mastered 7 skills, raised an alien kid and helped an evil ragdoll mend her ways. He has collected enough money and stuff for the girls to manage for a long time after he goes on to explore the spirit world.

Just kidding! "Not until I have tried the new Galaxy Note 3!"
Sim_Magnus has saved a Young Again elixir from the chemistry set for just such an occasion. The spirit world can wait - there are still a dozen more skills to master!

Magnus is now younger than his daughter. Longer living through chemistry! Almost indistinguishable from magic. (The magic version can be used on bystanders as well, so that's the distinction. I know this because Practice used that one on her mother who was stopping by for a final farewell on her last day. I tend to forget to take pictures when something exciting happens, sorry!)

And on that Note, that's all for today!
Here, have a super pixie family tree before you go:


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Date:October 8th, 2013 12:26 am (UTC)
Advanced enough technology is indistinguishable to magic, and apparently the same is true for Chemistry. Congrats to sim_Magnus to be able to learn even more - that's what we all strive for. At least we Knowledge sims :)
And there are a lot of pixie colours nowadays!
Date:October 8th, 2013 03:00 am (UTC)
I was surprised to see purple grandchildren. Evidently that is what happens when you crossbreed pixies and humans. The purple ones don't have wings though, so presumably no magic.