October 29th, 2020


Dormitory diversity and unexpected chances

No, she is not on fire. That's Flamebert the Phoenix familiar, he is always on fire. ("Burning curiosity" he calls it.) Nope, the smokey effect is from a Dark Magic spells. Unlike her mother, who only ever uses White Magic, Liisa discovered as a teen that she could use Dark Magic - more exactly the Destruction branch - to suppress sadness, anger or discomfort. She doesn't use any of the Dark spells to cause problems for others, just to help herself, so surely this makes the world a better place overall? In this case, she pulled a muscle while training, and her mother is not around to fix her up. So a little bit of Darkness it is. She'll turn it off when the pain is gone.
(Don't try this at home, kids. This is a work of fiction.)

And now for something presumably different:
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Well, that was an unexpected development! But the next entry, if any, should give us a glimpse into career I am not familiar with.