December 1st, 2019


Ulveskaret: Study@home & making the perfect boyfriend

Gretta was accepted into the Distinguished Fine Arts studies at Britechester University, but decided to take the first two semesters from home until her brother was ready to go to university too. The had after all been inseparable since he was a toddler, so it seemed like an easy decision. Also, she could do homework in her sleepwear, what is not to love?

(I may have been too hasty about the "no visible changes", she seems to pack on pounds more easily now that she is an adult. Not that anyone is complaining. At least not anyone who is not Gretta.)

She also does her term papers on the home computer. Students these days do that, and in fact even their doctorate thesis. Meanwhile their parents see it and think junior is just surfing on Facebook all day. Or so the rumor goes.

Meanshile, our newest teen has more extreme ambitions...
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We did not see Mass around, but he is actually getting less addicted to his older sister and getting better along with Amanda. But the plan is still to send the two oldest off to campus next week.