November 19th, 2019


Sims 4: Discover University - child's play?

Those are not out kids! One of them is a Landgrabb. In addition to a wide range of kids from different neighborhoods, I saw two of the three sages from Realm og Magic, as well as a couple other familiar faces from different neighborhoods. OK, I can see Eliza Pancakes becoming a student. Maybe the kids belong to other students there, I do have a story progression mod (MCCC) that lets adults and young adults marry and have kids. Or maybe the game is just weird.

Now for the important part: GRETTA IS NOT GOING TO LIVE ON CAMPUS. Seriously, the Sims 4 design for Uni and ageing is the worst possible if you care about your sims.
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University is a great start for a sim fresh out of CAS (although I am not sure the career boost is worth the lost years). But this is not the story I want to tell.

More about University later, if my own Creator allows. (I have a novel to finish as well - it is November again.)