November 18th, 2019


Short visit

It seems someone has been dieting and running marathon while we weren't looking. Honestly, I have no idea when this happened, but look at Gretta now. She is just skin and bone and some muscle. Mostly her glutes, which is the only part left of the chubby rear we all knew and loved. Really, some people just can't keep to the middle of the road. Go eat some cakes or something.

Meanwhile, Discover University is out. University was my favorite expansion for Sims 2, and University Life was a pretty good addition to Sims 3 as well. Admittedly both of these gave more slots (wants in Sims 2, traits in Sims 3) while Discover University for Sims 4 seems to mostly boost careers. And who wants careers in Sims 4? They suck. They are boring, advancing in them is tedious micromanagements, and you don't need them for money.

What is more worrying is that no one seems to know whether time runs at home while you are in university. In The Sims 2, you could switch between the two. In Sims 3, time did not move at home. In both, you did not age in university. But here we don't know for sure either of these. Or at least I have not heard any mention of them in the reviews and guides that were out yesterday. So I have to play another family with two members to find out, and first I have to play them up to a level where I can send one of them off safely and see what happens to the other. I don't want to risk playing Gretta in university for a week and find that Mass and Amanda have lost a week of their limited time as a teen, just laying around doing nothing worthwhile beyond surviving, as sims tend to do when left at home.