October 20th, 2019


Non-story post: Interruptions by immortality

Norwegian text: Eldre som dør = Elder dying.

Sims 4 Realm of Magic has an Immortality potion. Unlike the Age Freeze in Sims 3, this one does not stop ageing at all, it just prevents your sim from dying from old age. And sometimes, I am told, it doesn't even do that. There are several threads online already about how the supposedly immortal sims still die from old age. Some say it doesn't work at all. So naturally I made an elder sim and played as a spellcaster. On normal lifespan, it so happens that I finally got hold of the Immortality potion on the last day before the age bar was full.

It's now been about a sim week, and old Testify Watchman is still hanging on. However, several (or even numerous) times a day, an "elder dying" action will show up in the action que, then quietly disappear when it is time for it to execute. However, it can insert itself into a multi-part activity. Several times I have seen Testify bringing a meal to the table, put it down and forget about it while quietly clearing this activity. Well, that is the kind of thing you half expect from the very old, even if they otherwise seem present most of the time. Conversations may also grind to a halt. So, unexpecte realism there.

I noticed that several of those who had tested this before me explicitly mentioned that they gave the potion to an adult or young adult. The effect of the potion appears as a bonus character trait, and they say that this was still present when the character died. But I wonder if the potion was coded relying on some stat unique to elders, and becomes inactive if given to anyone else. I could make another character and test, I suppose. Or I could just give it to elderly only, seeing how it has no effect whatsoever until your age bar is full for the last time.

It only prevents death directly from old age, by the way. Other sources of elder death, like jogging or woohoo, still require other remedies. There is a potion of prompt resurrection that lasts for a sim day, and of course there is the good old death flower.