October 16th, 2019


Non-story post: Brooms and other fast travel

Looks like the magical family will be on hold for a bit, as I was just informed that there is a severe bug affecting second generation and later spellcasters when they reach max level. What surprise! I am sure they will fix it in time, as usual.

Let's talk about BROOMS. Broomsticks were the favored vehicle for witches for centuries before Harry Potter, back when witches were all female. (Guys, I recommend not trying this at home, especially if you plan to have children in the future.)

In The Sims 2, there was not enough room to ride a broom, so you only had an animation before and after zone transition.

In The Sims 3, brooms were basically reskinned motorbikes, just cheaper and faster. They followed the roads, which makes no sense from a lore point of view. They should have been all-terrain. At least they should have been able to cross all ground terrain, like the hoverboards in Into the Future. (These still could not cross water, which brooms should have.) In all fairness, Supernatural was a very large expansion pack with many different occult races, so a shortcut like just re-using the motorbike system is understandable. That said, the fastest broom was both much cheaper and much faster than the fastest motorbike. It was the fastest transportation except teleportation. In the final pack, Into the Future, jetpacks were faster - but they were teleportation, just with custom take-off and landing animations.

In The Sims 4, brooms are the new jetpacks: Teleportation with custom take-off and landing animations. So that was a disappointment. On the bright side, they now give spellcaster xp. So you can level up and get better at spellcasting by zipping around the neighborhoods harvesting and collecting, as long as you pick targets far enough apart that your sim takes the broom. Just remember to set "Always use broom" for this to happen automagically.

Once you get the actual teleport spell, trasportalate, you should set "Always transportalate" instead, this can be used over shorter distances (less animation time) and also indoors. If you have a large hourse, sims will be teleporting around the place and level up like wildfire. Now that the Ulveskaret house is spread across three floors, the adults and teens pop in and out of existence all the time, only Amanda still takes the elevator. The rest also pop around on the same floors if talking takes longer than casting the spell. Can't blame them, I would have done the same thing myself. Plus it is idiotic that you would spend half an hour or more getting from second floor to the curb when going to work. The couple minutes it takes to cast the spell is more realistic. Realistic time instead of realistic visuals is what I bought this pack for anyway.