October 16th, 2016


Hungry plantsims and demotivational mobiles

OK, I guess it's been a while since last I posted, since Semagic wasn't even on my computer - and this is not my newest computer. -_-

Anyway, my current household had raised a plantsim to teenager, now he wanted to learn to drive. His mother is ecological so she only had a broom, but she wanted to help him learn to drive, so used some of her treasure trove of lifetime happiness to buy a motive mobile, instead of buying one for money. (After all, Tale is a fairy, so she had already lived some generations, and those happiness points just keep rolling in.) It seemed like a great idea. Until, the next schoolday, the plantsim became hungry.

If you googled for "hungry plantsim" to get here, you probably know that plantsims should not have huger or bladder motives. They are blotted out by some kind of vegetation in their motive panel. But he definitely got the moodlets and eventually helped himself on both those things. Yeah, it is the motive mobile. The thing was evidently never recoded for plantsims, so it changes the value of their hunger and bladder variables, which are preset to a dummy value to signal that they are not in use.

It is not a big deal, as junior inherited the motive mobile, and using it will fix his motives right quick. But if you ever plan to have a plantbaby, get rid of the Motive Mobile first. If it is too late for that, you may try selling it and using the cheat code Resetsim (firstname) (lastname) to try to reset them. Or give them the mobile, as I did. It is hideously overpowered, maxing motives even during a short trip, but at least in this case there is some degree of justice in it.