March 4th, 2015


Ridiculously overpowered fairies strike again

I recently discovered that fairies are even way more overpowered than I thought, and I thought they were ridiculously overpowered. Not only do they have 5 times normal lifespan, can move faster than other sims, can restore their fun bar in a few clicks by doing "I can fly!" acrobatics, can get mood boost or skill speed boost with auras, they also can make plants grow up in matter of minutes (and improve the quality at the same time, with a little practice). Well, turns out they also don't need kitchens or beds (or cribs for toddlers): Just buy a cheap Fairy House and a whole family of fairies can sleep there, as well as drink pollen punch which gives a nice mood boost (although not better than a good meal). Toddlers can also eat and sleep there on their own, so you can safely ignore their food and sleep needs.

I wish I knew this back when I did the Great Fairy Family Experiment, a.k.a. the family tree that became a family bush that became a family moss carpet.

All of these beds and a number of cribs could have been replaced with a small cheap fairy house in the corner of the ground floor.
But at least they still need the potty! That's a human trait.
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