September 26th, 2014


Debunking the Sims 4 rumors

When the Sims 4 came out, the reviews were generally unfavorable. This is gradually changing, and the reason for this is probably that the new reviews are from people who played the game, and the first are not.

I notice that the critical reviews tend to have two things in common:
a) They use stock screenshot and generic descriptions of the gameplay, while the later, more positive reviews use their own screenshots and often assign some small story to them.

b) The critical reviews tend to share a number of obvious, blatant lies. I am not sure if these were true in pre-release review copies or whether they just took them from the rumors that circulated at the time.

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In conclusion, you should generally ignore the early reviews and stick with the ones who have actually played the game. If they haven't discovered that you can build ROCKETS IN YOUR BACKYARD, they have no right to whine about lack of content.