September 20th, 2014


Sims 4 is here, and so am I

The game of the year has arrived, and with it the much awaited BUTT SLIDER!

I got the game less than a week after it was released. The first patch fixed the gamebreaking bugs, so I never saw them. Of course there are still some bugs. There also are no toddlers, and babies are fused with their bassinet to an immovable object like in Sims 1. The best explanation for this seems to be that they were planning to make Sims 4 into an online multiplayer game, and there are no toddler players. But then Sim City happened, and The Sims Online v.2.0 was wisely shelved. They never had time to insert the missing toddlers. Well, that's one theory. Or they could be lazy, or crazy. But what is certain is that the game that was made, even if incomplete, is amazing. It has far more detail than any basegame before. I don't mean graphical detail, which is similar to Sims 3. I mean the innumerable options, the complex psychology, the complex social interactions, the complex skills, the complex careers, the complex life aspirations.

The game is very simple and very complex. You can drop two sims in a house, give them a job and stop by now and then to call the repairman, and they are likely to do well enough. But they are at best going to reach level 2 of their career, because that requires some serious micromanagement now. If you want to actually make the sims the most they can be (or at least reach the top of their career) there is no way around reading the varying requirements for each level and direct your sims to fulfill them; they are not going to do that on their own (except for level 1, perhaps, which has goals like "wash dishes 3 times".)

The learning curve is not steep at all, but it is very long. The sims will generally stay alive if left to themselves, but there are so many, many things they can do if you start meddling with them. The mind boggles at what they may become with 10 expansion packs. Well, that is some years away. If this is the bare-bones starter pack, the full game may be a full-time job to play.
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