March 20th, 2013


Sims 3: University: Strategic skilling

This is a big change from The Sims 2. There, skilling and studying were separate, and you had to raise your skill to a certain level before you could proceed with your studying. In The Sims 3, skilling is possibly the most powerful form of studying. This means it is no longer such a great idea to max your skills before you enroll at Uni. If you have low skills relevant to your major, you can take double or even triple course loads (12 or even 18 points) and max them all by skilling. Of course, you should still attend most of your classes and all of your exams.

It helps to have some way to maintain fun while you skill. I have the MultiTab (500 points in the store) and it is awesome, not just for rapid fun boost but for skilling as well. There is also the crazy drink from the mixology skill, if you have Late Night. And of course some skills are fun to raise, like painting or logic.

If you have maxed your skills before enrolling, you get some study credit so you can finish your degree faster, but it is harder to get top grades. Still, you can always read textbooks, study on your smartphone and work with your major's special item. But skilling while at Uni is definitely a two-for-one deal now.