March 12th, 2013


The Home of a Hundred Boys

So there was after all a bug in University Life that was not caught by either Awesomemod nor NRaas. Or perhaps it was a bug in one of them, although I doubt it. This looks like the kind of thing that would slip by the Maxis testers:

I first noticed this when there were like four birthdays with the same last name on the same day. I zoomed to the house and this is what I found. In the background the husband, giving birth. He did this twice a day, it seemed, because there were six babies (3 days of age span). It seems that every time he has given birth to a boy, he goes into labor again. All the boys have the same skin color and hair color. I sent him off to the hospital and during my not-self-sim's next stay on campus, I forgot the whole thing. Much later, I discovered that the neighborhood was becoming unstable. By now the first babies were becoming adults. And the guy was still popping out new babies. (I don't even have male pregnancy enabled, so how this happened is beyond me.) I deleted him, and went on with my life. NRaas Overwatch brought him back, and I did not notice for a few more babies.

Not one to say no to a good challenge, I decided to make this house playable. I saved the game first, just in case. Only the last 8 children show on the sidebar. The adults needed jobs (a couple of them joined the culinary career because my sim needed coworkers, the rest just stood around.) The kids need to get to school. I built more doors and stairs, but unfortunately I cannot build more schools...

"Asylum" does not begin to cover it. Within minutes half of the family had peed themselves. Then they began to fall asleep on their feet, too tired to eat. They were also too hungry to go to bed. The social worker showed up eventually to take all the children away, but she could not get in. By the time it became obvious that everyone was going to die (including the social worker), I mercifully exited and reloaded the savegame. Somehow they survive when no one is looking...