March 10th, 2013


Sims 3 University Life: Art imitates life

Your table top tennis skill increased! This will surely come in handy in your future career. That and your street painting skill.

I created a brand new Sim to take to university for the first time, to avoid making all the mistakes with my self-sim. But the karma of your guardian angel is not easily dispelled! My sim was an artistic bookworm, LTW Illustrious Author, and I sent her to study arts toward her lifetime wish. (I have the MultiTab 6000, so she learned writing from tabcasts and writing a couple books during her teens and right after.)

Well, Lena aced the exams, but she kept dropping out of all the three social groups (or castes, as they seem to be known here): Nerds, jocks and rebels. The jocks are the easiest to befriend, as they always have parties where they drink, dance and woohoo. The rebels are supposed art students, but spend their time tagging walls and streets and instigating protests. The nerds are as reclusive as ever, it took me two semesters to accidentally discover the secret: Comic books! The first half dozen or so comic books you read, you gain like one level of nerd fame for each! And they're §5 each. Now she could demonstrate her superior knowledge (gained from the comic books, no doubt) by throwing test tubes of chemicals into bonfires, causing weird effects like colored flames and everyone becoming sooty. FOR SCIENCE!

So, yeah, I guess I may as well send my self-sim.

University is expanded in various ways from Sims 2. Most important, any adult can go to college, even the elderly. (You cannot send teens though.) You take an aptitude test and get study credit and scholarships depending on your personality trait, skills, and work experience. So sending a sim on their first day as young adult is kind of counterproductive, as they get an easier workload and more money once they have some skills and practice from the workforce. ARE YOU LISTENING REAL WORLD?

You can take one or two semesters at a time, then return to your hometown (where time has not passed - the mechanics are the same as for going abroad. In fact, the only way to call your dormies from hometown is by choosing "Call someone abroad". University is like a different country. Why am I not surprised? ^_^) Anyway, I think it is a great idea to mix up university life with the rest of sim life. Many people felt there could be too much university in The Sims 2. I used to play Uni as part of a rotation with the neighborhood or family, so it is less of a change for me.

The pattern of skilling first and studying next is gone. There are no minimum skills, but using any skill object related to your major will build credit. You still need to follow lectures, but they are only a couple hours a day, usually from noon, so it is not too onerous. Lena the art student goes to lectures and paints now and then, and that is enough to ace the art exams. Of course, she takes the lightest study load possible, so she has plenty of time to explore. You can load up with courses and complete Uni in a shorter time, but what is the point in that when you are not aging there anyway?

As one might expect, there are several new skills (some of them mostly useless for sane people) and lots and lots of new books. So this was a great investment. More later, perhaps.