October 30th, 2012


New computer gushery

In December 2007, almost 5 years ago, I was gushing about my new quad-core desktop computer which could run a dorm with 49 students and two cafeteria workers without any delays. I was really amazed at modern technology! But then I added more Sims 2 expansions, and the dorm became slower and slower until it was not fun anymore. At the end, with Apartment Life, I could just barely run a 20-student dorm, and it would not speed up much while my playables were sleeping.

My computer started breaking down some months ago. It would reboot after a few minutes, but I managed to back up most of what was not backed up already. Yesterday I installed Sims 2 on my new laptop. Amazingly, I can now run my Large Co-ed Dorm at full speed again. On a laptop! (OK, a rather expensive laptop, but still. I believe it is the Ivy Bridge processor that does it.)

I have to say Sims 3 has grown on me, with the various expansion packs. And it makes use of all the computer's cores, not just one of them. But with Sims 2 now being as fast as in the good old days, I have spent pretty much all day playing around with it. The sims are stupider and their needs go down faster, it seems. So it is more stressing than Sims 3, even though it is simpler. But anyway, modern computers sure are amazing.
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