April 1st, 2012


Micropolis - an introduction

Neighborhood view

This is my main Sims 2 project and has been ongoing since 2007. It is based on the Prosperity Challenge rules, combined with my own Near Future rules. It also has its own atmosphere in a couple of ways.

-The Angel. That would be me. My sims can't see me (until they die) but they can hear me and talk to me. Most of them just take me for granted after a while, but some have long discussions with me about morality or the nature of reality.
-The townies. As the story goes on, there are more and more of them. Micropolis becomes more and more like a real town where the people you know are surrounded by other people you don't know quite so well. Some of them have distinct personalities and appear by name. These will often join the playables eventually, but not always. Others appear mostly as background or comedic relief.
-Community focus. After the first two weeks, I changed my playstyle to play one day (or year, as I call it) at a time, going through all the families before moving on to next year. My sims also go out to community lots a good deal and have guests over, so the most important people in a picture are not necessarily the ones I am controlling at the time. I find that this allows the sims to be more spontaneous, and it also fosters a sense of community more than family. It is more "tales from Micropolis" rather than "the families of Micropolis" if you see the difference.

While there are summaries here in my main Sims journal, Micropolis actually has its own blog. If you have the time, you can simply start at the beginning and read through the full, illustrated stories by going to "next day". It is a massive undertaking, though. Start here if you dare...

Or you could just jump right into the middle of the story. Everyone will be unfamiliar, but there are links in the text to a background page with a short text about each family's members. Many of them have a more complete biography page which may also be linked to. Some things only make sense when you know each sim, but the general feel of the community can be tasted right out of the bottle. Overall, Micropolis is a happy place despite the financial hardship. It is a place I would not mind living: A place of hope and growth, friendship and love, where quirky people are accepted, hard work is rewarded, and even death is just a journey to a distant shore. Welcome into my dream!

(The name Micropolis simply means "small city". I made it up before I had heard of the game with the same name.)