February 11th, 2012


Generations of daycare

I bought The Sims 3: Generations at half price. At first it did not seem like a bargain: The teen auto-pranks and mood swings are irritating enough to cancel out the new child interactions in my opinion. There is still the chemistry set, though. If anything, it is a bit overpowered, since you can create the young-again elixir eventually. But then again eventually is a long time, enough to max your logic on the chemistry station alone, I think, and then some. Anyway, I was not really excited until I came across the only new career in Generations: Day care.

See, you get up in the morning, but instead of going to work, you just sit there eating your pancakes and people come and dump toddlers on your floor. From there on, you get to play with them all day, feed them, change their diapers, cuddle them, teach them to walk and talk if you feel like it, or just watch them play. It is kind of idealized: No stomach bugs, no biting or hair grabbing. And then at sunset, people show up again and whisk away the toddlers, leaving you free to do your own things all evening and sleep all night. You also get paid. How awesome is that?

Not a suitable profession for a loner, so here is Anna Rabarbra, daycare specialist, surrounded by kids. (As you advance in your career, you are allowed to get school kids as well, which typically are your former diaper fillers. They only show up after school and stay to sunset though, so there is little time for anything beyond homework and a little socializing.)

Oh, and I forgot to mention: This is a great way to boot up an empty neighborhood, if you have downloaded one. (I am doing this in Meadow Glen Updated.) The game will spawn family-oriented couples to get you started with toddlers, they will breed at a decent clip at first. If you advance fast, the game will have to create more couples to keep up with you. Eventually the kids you raised will be the core population of the new town, and thanks to your excellent day care they seem to be less likely to be out and out insane. I assume this can also be used to revitalize a dwindling old town, if that problem still plagues those who don't have Twallan's Story Progression.)